Design of the Week: Nano-sized Benchy

By on July 8th, 2024 in Design, news

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Microscopic [Source: Nanoscribe / LinkedIn]

This week’s selection is the Textured Benchy by Andrea Bertoncini.

Bertoncini is a process engineer at Nanoscribe, a company that manufactures 3D printers capable of microfabrication. These machines use several different variants of the two photon 3D printing process (2PP), which can achieve feature sizes all the way down to only 100nm (0.0001mm).

Bertoncini modified the standard 3D model by adding some textures — and some smoke — and printed it on the company’s QuantumX system that uses their 2GL process. 2GL, or two photon grayscale lithography, is able to tune curing parameters per voxel, enabling much higher print speeds.

The shown above is extremely small: the measurement bar at the top left is 0.200mm, meaning the would very likely fit through the nozzle of your desktop FFF 3D printer. The length of the boat seems to be about 0.400mm.

Bertoncini also points out that the “sea” in which the is sailing, is also 3D printed. It looks like the two were printed separately, and the boat placed on the ocean scene.

It’s hard to see, but if you zoom into the image you will see that the hull and other parts of the boat have been textured as planks. Even better, those planks exhibit woodgrain features, demonstrating the incredible resolution of this print.

Microfabrication isn’t for everyone, but it does show the incredible possibilities that can be achieved at smaller scales.

Via LinkedIn

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