Easy3D: 3YOURMIND’s Innovative Material Selection Feature

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Easy3D to select materials [Source: 3YOURMIND]

3YOURMIND has introduced a fascinating new feature called Easy3D.

The German company offers a sophisticated software system for identifying and managing parts libraries for additive manufacturing.

Solving the Printability Problem

The problem they’re addressing is that many manufacturers have accumulated tens of thousands of part CAD files, designed for traditional making systems. Questions arise as to whether these parts, as designed, could be successfully 3D printed.

3YOURMIND’s service examines extensive part libraries and evaluates the designs for printability. These parts can then be dispatched for production through 3YOURMIND’s network of trusted manufacturing partners.

Easy3D: Streamlining Material Selection

Now there’s a new step in the 3YOURMIND workflow: Easy3D. The company has partnered with Arkema, a renowned materials supplier, to implement a materials selection platform.

Here’s how it works: after a part is evaluated for printability, it is sent through Easy3D to prepare a list of potential materials for manufacturing the part. The list utilizes Arkema’s extensive database of materials, including “thermoplastics, elastomers, and high-performance polymers.” 3YOURMIND explains the next step:

“When a 3D part file is uploaded, the platform evaluates for 3D printability and presents a material selection, listing material qualities such as performance, fatigue resistance, and impact resistance. Users can then compare suggested materials based on material family, grade, technology, and part compatibility score.”

This feature allows 3YOURMIND customers to understand the part’s performance even before it’s produced. They can then issue a production request to 3YOURMIND’s network with the most optimal material for the part, along with post-processing instructions.

Benefits of Easy3D

The presence of Easy3D should make life much easier for 3YOURMIND customers. By enabling an informed choice of material, the likelihood of repeat requests with different materials will be greatly reduced.

Without Easy3D, the search for the optimal material might have required repeated physical production of parts until the best option was found. Now, this search happens in software, making the workflow dramatically simpler and cheaper.

The new Easy3D service is now available for 3YOURMIND clients in Europe, Asia, and the US.


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