ELEGOO Unveils Saturn 3 and Neptune 4 Series: High Resolution and High Speed 3D Printing

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The new Saturn 3 and Neptune 4 3D printer series [Source: ELEGOO]

ELEGOO is making waves with the announcement of their newest 3D printer models: the Saturn 3 series and Neptune 4 series.

The company is one of the leaders in desktop 3D printing, providing a series of well-regarded inexpensive devices for hobbyists worldwide. The new 3D printers promise to deliver enhanced performance and features previously unseen from ELEGOO.

Saturn 3 series: Lifelike Models with 12K HD Resolution

The Saturn 3 MSLA 3D printer series definitely shakes things up with its impressive 12K HD resolution, surpassing the 4K resolution found on the company’s previous models. This significant resolution upgrade should ensure that printed models are able to display intricate details.

Wireless File Transfer and Convenience

One interesting new feature of the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra Mono MSLA 3D printer is its wireless file transfer capability. This means users can easily transfer their print files without the need for a USB drive, adding a level of convenience to the printing process. Operators should be able to streamline their workflow and focus more on creative aspects of their work.

Neptune 4 series: Unleash the Speed

ELEGOO also announced a new series of FFF 3D printers, the Neptune 4 series.

The Neptune 4 series takes speed to a whole new level. With a printing speed that is said to be 10X faster than previous models, the Neptune 4 Pro FFF 3D printer should be able to complete large prints in record time.

The Neptune 4 specifications indicate a maximum printing speed of 500mm/s, with a recommended printing speed of 250mm/s. While it’s very likely real-life situations won’t get to those extreme speeds, this new device should print incredibly fast.

Enhanced Stability and Precision

The ELEGOO Neptune 4 Pro FFF 3D printer incorporates full-metal dual-axis guide rails and double-row ball U-shaped bearings. These additions significantly enhance the stability of the printing process, ensuring precise and accurate results for the more rapidly moving toolhead. Without these modifications the machine might generate significant vibration while printing.

ELEGOO suggests operators can expect smoother movements and improved overall print quality, making the Neptune 4 Pro. However, there is no word on whether the device uses the latest input shaping firmware (available in Klipper and Marlin) to reduce ringing effects at high printing speeds.

Pre-Order and Pricing Details

Pre-orders for the Saturn 3 series and Neptune 4 series will be available starting June 1st. Here are the pre-order prices:

  • Neptune 4: US$259
  • Neptune 4 Pro: US$299
  • Saturn 3: US$399
  • Saturn 3 Ultra: US$499

These are notably low prices for equipment with these features, and it may be that the company will sell a great deal of units.

Implications and Industry Potential

With the introduction of the Saturn 3 series and Neptune 4 series, ELEGOO is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of 3D printing. The 12K resolution of the Saturn 3 series opens up opportunities for intricate and highly detailed models, catering to industries such as jewelry, dentistry, and miniature art.

ELEGOO is not the first on the market with a 12K MSLA device, as Anycubic released one earlier this month. It may be that 12K becomes the standard going forward, leaving 2K, 4K and even 8K machines behind.

Meanwhile, the Neptune 4 series becomes one of several machines on the market that offer high speed desktop FFF 3D printing. I’m curious to see how well the machines perform at these speeds, and whether they actually use input shaping.


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