EM-Smart: The First Portable Laser Marking Machine With Commercial Capacity

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Using the EM-Smart One [Source: 3PLasers]


Laser marking is a popular, efficient, and highly safe process that has allowed for a wide range of markings to be created on many types of materials.

As a business method that is highly attractive, demanding, and cost-effective, it has been adopted by many industries around the world.

If you are ready to start making money with your laser marking machine then we recommend you continue reading below. If you haven’t purchased, we recommend you check out the following items.

As the flagship product of 3Plasers, the EM-Smart One will be ideal for customization and personalization of gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, logos, brands, etc. for designers, handicrafters, Etsy sellers, Kickstarter entrepreneurs, creative agencies, and small businesses. 

You may ask what is different between EM-Smart One and other laser marking machines on the market 

The EM-Smart One [Source: 3PLasers]

In short it is currently the smallest 20W fiber laser marking machine in the world.

In detail, it is the first laser machine that combines both the portable weight and size and the commercial power. 

With a dimension of 260 x 440 x 505 mm (A3 Size) and a thickness of 54mm, it weighs only 10kg. This means you can even put this ultra-portable laser marking machine in your car and take it anywhere, like exhibitions, commercial promotions, and any other events. 

It’s quite easy to install and operate since it’s designed with a fast plug-to-play installation  process, so that you can start laser marking within only a few minutes, even if you are a new to laser marking. 

Different from 3W/5W laser machines, the 20W EM-Smart One can mark with a higher production capacity. It can be also used for more marking scenarios such as in gift shop, at a pet store, in a workshop, at the office, or even a jewelry store.

It has a very long service life of 100,000 hours. 

Motion detection, overheat protection, and emergency stop functions are included. Goggles are provided with the machine to ensure operator safety. By the way, the machine also passes certifications like CE, FDA, etc., which has been always our first priority.

EM-Smart One main components [Source: 3PLasers]

EM-Smart One parameters [Source: 3PLasers]

The EM-Smart One uses only genuine parts (RAYCUS laser source, BJJGZ marking software, SINO-GALVO scanner head, etc.) to ensure excellent working performance, including higher marking speed and precision on both metal and plastic parts as well as stone, leather, and coated wood. 

Compared with the heavy traditional mechanical marking machines, this laser system requires only a small amount of electric power, and there’s no pollution compared with the traditional marking solutions.

Many may also ask: “Can I make money marking?” 

Definitely! That’s because personalization and customization of products is currently in high demand. 

It always depends on what product or service you’re pursuing, and how well you can market your services. We do have clients that use the EM-Smart One to create anything from signs, to laser engraving services, to all types of customized or personalized items. Many are already making good money using the EM-Smart One.

EM-Smart One applications [Source: 3PLasers]

The purpose of this article is not only to provide you with a business plan for laser marking, but also to get you started establishing your own laser engraving operation. The EM-Smart One is a toy like many DIY products seen on the market. Instead, you are getting a professional tool to start or boost your business.

The EM-Smart One has been operated in more than 50 countries around the world including the USA, UK, Australia, India, China, Indonesia, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt and more. 

Left: EM-Smart One; right: EM-Smart Basic [Source: 3PLasers]

Besides EM-Smart One, 3Plasers’ EM-Smart Basic, also equipped with a Raycus 20W fiber laser source and lifespan of 100,000 hours, is another perfect choice for operators having lower budgets. 

The EM-Smart Basic [Source: 3PLasers]

In appearance, EM-Smart Basic follows the design style of EM-Smart One, but adds more industrial elements to the details. Instead of the original folding design of EM-Smart One, the arm becomes more flexible, which increases the marking height limit.

EM-Smart Basic’s Features [Source: 3PLasers]
EM-Smart Basic’s Parameters [Source: 3PLasers]

In terms of configuration, EM-Smart Basic reserves multiple ports to support extended functions such as rotation, and that truly makes the machine multifunctional. It can also mark on metal, plastic, stone, leather, coated wood, and more.

Both the EM-Smart One and EM-Smart Basic have been designed and manufactured by the CDI team, a group of passionate young engineers and designers since 2019. Relying on the 23 years’ industrial laser experience from its headquarters, CH Laser established in 1998, they focus on R&D and promotion for commercial laser applications and spread their creative laser ideas at 3Plasers.com, the official store of EM-Smart.

Readers might be so curious about how the pricing of this highly functional machine. There are a variety of laser engraving machines available in the market at prices starting from US$3000-$10,000. The EM-Smart One does not cost as much: it is priced at only US$2599, and that includes free shipping worldwide. 

While it is possible to find less expensive options, they can generate unexpected long term maintenance costs. A quality laser engraver won’t incur a lot of maintenance costs, and frequent parts replacement is also rare on the EM-Smart equipment. 

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