Essentium Announces Major Recyclable Materials Partnership

By on September 20th, 2022 in materials, news

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3D printer filament [Source: Braskem]

Essentium announced today a major materials partnership with Braskem that should provide new types of 3D print materials.

Braskem, if you’re unaware, is apparently the largest polyolefins producer in the Western Hemisphere. They are a Brazilian company based in São Paulo that started way back in 1979, and today boasts revenues exceeding US$15B.

Polyolefins are a large class of complex polymers that include polypropylene and polyethylene, both of which are commonly used in 3D printing, along with many copolymers.

Braskem has developed a line of polymers specifically designed for 3D printing. Their products include filaments, powders and pellets for the AM industry. However, some of these materials are made from recycled materials. In fact, the primary source for the materials is bottle caps!

Braskem materials being used on an HSE 3D printer [Source: Essentium]

Their partnership with Essentium entails development of entirely new variations of these polymers, again specifically for use in advanced 3D printing applications.

The line of materials includes both normal and carbon-reinforced variations, which should be ideal for printing strong parts. It turns out that the carbon fiber is also made from recycled materials.

It’s also very likely that the printed parts made from these materials are themselves recyclable, creating a circuit of sustainability for those operating Essentium equipment with Braskem materials.

Essentium explains:

“These environmentally friendly filaments offer differentiated materials properties such as low density as well as water, chemical, and impact resistance making them an attractive material for many 3D printing applications across industries.”

Essentium CEO Blake Teipel, Ph.D. said:

“With Braskem, we have a true partner who shares our commitment to developing sustainable solutions to accelerate industrial-scale additive manufacturing. Polyolefins are ideal for AM due to their recyclability, impact strength, chemical resistance, and durability. This makes them a great choice for automotive, aerospace, biomedical, and packaging applications. Our partnership with Braskem will empower manufacturers with integrated solutions as AM moves towards prime time in their industries.”

This is a very good move by Essentium, as it hits a number of important factors:

  • Provides a wide selection of engineering materials for Essentium clients
  • Increases likelihood of purchasing Essentium equipment by clients looking for specific materials
  • Addresses the growing need for use of recycled materials

Many 3D printer manufacturers have partnered with materials providers, and Essentium seems to have selected a good option here.

Via Essentium and Braskem

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