Essentium’s HSE 240 HT: The Easy-to-Install High Temperature 3D Printer

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Top end of the new HSE 240 HT high temperature 3D printer [Source: Fabbaloo]

Essentium expects to launch a new high temperature 3D printer later this year, but there’s an interesting difference with this device.

The upcoming HSE 240 HT might seem to be similar to Essentium’s other 3D printers, but that’s not quite true.

Let’s look at the specifications for this device, which are quite impressive for a high temperature polymer device.

  • It has a substantial build volume of 430 x 350 x 375 mm
  • The build chamber can be heated up to 185C
  • The build chamber uses a unique convection heating system for even heat
  • The print surface can be heated to 190C
  • The nozzle can reach a blistering 550C
  • No belts are used that could be distorted by the heat
  • Removable magnetic print plate (but wear oven mitts!)
  • Single-carriage dual extruders, suitable for printing complex geometries with soluble support material
  • Servo motors provide precise motion control
  • High speed printing, up to 375mm/second
  • Two integrated spool drawers, with two spools each
  • Spool capacity up to 2.5kg each, with auto-swap when one runs out
  • On board camera for remote monitoring and control

Due to the high temperatures the HSE 240 HT, which is designed for production use, is able to handle basically any filament material you’d care to use. However, Essentium has qualified a large number of standard industry materials for use, with about 55 different options showing on their materials page as of this writing.

Like many Essentium devices, this machine, with certain materials, is certified for use in a number of regulated industries, including military applications. That’s a big deal because there are few systems that are qualified to do so, opening many doors for Essentium.

But here’s the interesting twist: Essentium has designed the HSE 240 HT in a small footprint. Even though it still has a very healthy build volume, the physical size of the unit is still quite small — although it is heavy at 452kg.

The small size means it can be installed in a very easy fashion. In particular, it can be easily rolled down almost any hallway, and can fit through most doors: the minimum dimension is only 795mm.

In addition, the device requires only normal wall power and does not require an electrician to install. This is quite different from certain other high temperature devices that not only require an electrician to hook them up, but may also require three-phase power upgrades.

The bottom line here is that this device would be extremely easy for any department to install, almost on their own. This is very important in the corporate world, where you just don’t want to call “facilities” or the “IT department” for a project because they’ll just shut you down before you start. Here, the machine can be installed before anyone notices!

That’s an extremely powerful capability for Essentium, because when you combine the ease of installation with the ability to produce certified parts, you have a scenario where they could be the only option for many customers.

I have a suspicion they will sell a great many of these 3D printers.

Via Essentium

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