Exploring DyeMansion’s Technological Advancements in 3D Printing

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Using DyeMansion’s Workflow Center [Source: Fabbaloo]

We had a chance to speak with DyeMansion about their latest technology developments.

The company produces post-processing equipment for additive manufacturing, with a particular focus on dyeing prints in reliable and consistent colors.

Innovating in the Sports World: The 3D Printed Basketball

DyeMansion’s 3D printed airless basketball [Source: Fabbaloo]

At Rapid+TCT 2023, DyeMansion’s most notable exhibit was a basketball – a product of experimental innovation by EOS, Wilson Sporting Goods, General Lattice, and others, in addition to DyeMansion. This unique project aimed to explore the feasibility of creating a fully functional 3D printed basketball mimicking the performance of a standard one.

Our hands-on experience with this 3D printed basketball left us impressed. It indeed replicated the feel, weight, and predictable flight paths of a real basketball. This innovative design indicates potential future applications in other inflatable items, such as tires.

Elevating Color Dyeing in Additive Manufacturing

Vibrant colors on these 3D prints by DyeMansion [Source: Fabbaloo]

While the basketball held the spotlight, DyeMansion didn’t neglect to showcase more samples of their vibrant color dyeing process. The exhibited sports products featured an array of brilliant hues made using their advanced color dyeing process.

DyeMansion owes part of this success to a strategic partnership with HP. HP developed a near-pure white material that’s notably receptive to color dyes, contributing to DyeMansion’s vibrant results.

Workflow Center Software: Streamlining Operations

Last but not least, DyeMansion introduced their latest development, the Workflow Center software. This advanced tool amalgamates the operations of all DyeMansion equipment in a workplace, providing real-time status updates.

Designed for tablets and smartphones, the software is perfect for busy workshops, sending alerts when operations conclude to boost efficiency in an additive factory.

The unified management of post-processing functions provided by the Workflow Center offers a significant improvement over existing standalone gear. In factories with numerous machines, keeping track manually can quickly become complex. DyeMansion’s Workflow Center could facilitate more practical and extensive deployments of their equipment.

Looking Ahead

As more manufacturers begin to embrace additive manufacturing, companies like DyeMansion foresee this trend and are working to reduce the obstacles in utilizing their equipment. With several companies moving in this direction, it leaves us wondering about the future competitive landscape once additive manufacturing truly goes mainstream.

Via DyeMansion

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