Fabbaloo’s Annual Survey Still Going Strong

It’s year end and our annual survey is still open for your feedback.

Each year we issue a brief survey to Fabbaloo readers to find out more about you, and how you interact with us. It’s very important for us to know your thoughts, and this is your opportunity to tell us.

Well, I suppose you could send us an email any time, and we’re happy to receive those. But it’s often easier for readers to follow through our survey because it asks straightforward questions in a rapid fashion.

We will use this information to guide our efforts for 2021. Each year we discover something that can make us just a little bit better, and we’re extremely appreciative of any feedback you can provide.

For responding, we’re offering a gift, too: Sculpteo has partnered with us once again to provide a US$100 certificate for use at their exceptional 3D print service to build, well, anything you’d like. They offer an extensive set of different 3D printing processes, so it’s certain someone will make good use of it.

3D print using the new Ultracur3D EPD 1006 resin material [Source: Sculpteo]

By the way, Sculpteo has announced a new material for their resin equipment: Ultracur3D EPD 1006. This new material is specifically designed for production of large parts on new equipment at Sculpteo, and offers high strength, but also some flexibility.

When the survey closes early next year, we’ll pull a random name from the recipients and award them the Sculpteo certificate.

That winner could be you, but only if you fill out the survey. Thanks so much for helping out!


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