Fabbaloo’s Annual Survey Is Now Open!

Fabbaloo’s annual survey is now open for everyone

It’s that time of year again; we’re rolling out our annual reader survey.

This is a process we’ve undertaken in December for the past few years, and it’s a great way for us to connect directly with readers. The survey is straightforward to answer, and it takes only a few minutes to provide us with some valuable information.

We ask some basic questions about you and your use of 3D printing. Many of our questions appear each year in order for us to identify trends in our audience or technical practices. However, we also toss in a couple of timely questions to probe thoughts on current issues.

This year I am quite curious to see the results, as the COVID-19 effect has washed over the world and basically messed up many things. However, it’s also created opportunities, many of which have allowed 3D printing ventures to succeed in the midst of crisis.

When we close the survey early next year we’ll analyze the results and tell you what we’ve found. There’s usually something interesting in the data you provide.

But there’s more: we intend on awarding a prize to one lucky responder by means of a random draw after the survey closes. The winner will receive a gift code in the amount of US$100 to be used at Sculpteo, one of the premier 3D print services.

I have to personally thank Sculpteo for their participation with us, as they’ve sponsored our survey for several years. They provide an excellent service that many make use of, and perhaps you should, too.

Now, the survey itself. If you’d like to fill out it, and we hope you do, it can be found right here:


Thank you for your participation!

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