HP and DyeMansion Formalize Strategic Collaboration

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DyeMansion and HP link up [Source: VoxelMatters]

Focused on delivering high-quality, scalable, and eco-friendly additive manufacturing solutions.

HP is set to market DyeMansion’s post-processing workflows as a preferred solution for customers to achieve large-scale production of final parts. As part of the newly formalized collaboration, the companies will focus on delivering high-quality, scalable, and eco-friendly additive manufacturing solutions.

The collaboration brings together HP’s advanced 3D printing technology and DyeMansion’s innovative post-processing workflows. Together, the companies will tackle joint market analysis and provide end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate into users’ operations – unlocking new applications and offering mutual support and advice.

DyeMansion and HP link up [Source: VoxelMatters]

This collaboration aims to simplify access to comprehensive solutions for AM users worldwide. Its roots trace back to significant moments of innovation, collaboration, and a huge joint customer and reseller base, globally, including: the introduction of the first-ever color range for grey parts produced with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, which marked the beginning of the collaboration, in 2020; the expansion of the color range to include white parts, enhancing aesthetic and functional customization, in 2022; a joint presentation at AOPA, the leading event for the O&P industry in the US, in 2023; and the launch of the AM I Navigator, developed with input from HP, DyeMansion, and other industry leaders like Siemens, to guide users through the AM process, also in 2023.

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