HYBRID Software Expands into 3D Printing: An Ambitious Expansion into the 3D Printing World

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New internal startup leader Kris Binon [Source: HYBRID Software]

A development in 3D print software: HYBRID Software has opened a new “internal startup” to focus on 3D software.

You have probably not heard of HYBRID Software previously, and that’s because they are not really in the 3D business as far as I can tell. The company appears to be a large operation with worldwide offices that produces software to create labels. They explain:

“HYBRID Software helps our thousands of customers surpass their goals in all areas of prepress and print by reducing costs, streamlining processes, and speeding up turnaround times.”

The cover label printing, corrugated printing, folding carton printing, and more.

Now they seem to be branching into the 3D world. They explain the new move:

“HYBRID Software (www.hybridsoftware.com) has created an internal startup unit within its Ghent office to develop and advance the company’s software solutions for the 3D & additive manufacturing sector. The unit plans to develop new application-specific solutions and will initially utilize the existing products and expertise throughout the company to create new 3D applications. The unit is headed up by Kris Binon, the former director of Flam3D, the Benelux Additive Manufacturing Association.”

CTO and co-president of HYBRID Software Nick De Roeck explained:

“HYBRID sees 3D & additive manufacturing as a significant growth opportunity. Our recent acquisition of iC3D and the purchase of the Quadraxis IP gives us key technologies to further develop our business in this market. Inkjet 3D printing is one of the most flexible additive manufacturing technologies. Its ability to create radical new products is helping to drive 3D printing adoption in the traditional manufacturing space. The company’s expertise in industrial inkjet systems is already extensive. We bring a huge amount of value to manufacturers whom we help to harness the power of inkjet for additive manufacturing applications without the distraction of having to design electronics and software solutions in-house. In view of the growth potential of this market we felt it was time to consolidate the many skills that are distributed across the company to expand our offering.”

iC3D is a digital platform that provides on demand manufacturing for workshops, specifically using 3D technologies. They have built their own custom 3D printers, sometimes for high volume applications, and also develop custom 3D print materials.

One of their 3D printers offers a massive 1220 x 1220 x 1067 mm build volume, so you can get an idea of how large these systems can be.

They also provide a wide array of filaments for use in many different 3D printers.

Also involved is another company owned by their holding company, Meteor Inkjet, which produces industrial printheads. These would normally be used in 2D printing, but as we all know, such hardware can often be easily used in 3D printing systems.

It’s not entirely clear where this is going, as we see mentions of software, hardware, services, materials and more. What ever happens with this jigsaw puzzle of components, we will be watching to see the result.

Via HYBRID Software

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