KeyShot 3MF Support Offers Full-Color 3D Prints

By on November 26th, 2020 in Software

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KeyShot 3MF Support Offers Full-Color 3D Prints
3MF and Stratasys [Source: SolidSmack]

We are cooking with gas now people! Hot off the press. The 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) file type is about to go prime-time owing to KeyShot and Stratasys.

This dynamic duo is bringing an honest to goodness CMF experience to early-stage physical prototyping.

For those not familiar, the 3MF format could be likened to a next-gen STL. Bundled inside this potent format is all the information necessary to represent the topology of a 3D model, plus color, material, and finish (CMF) definition. What’s this mean?

Well with the right software and hardware you can hold within your hand a physical prototype that looks and feels like the real deal. Now that’s good stuff! You can find out more about this groundbreaking format via the 3MF Consortium.

Keyshot 10 is bringing the software to the table with its Smart Export functionality, while Stratasys is providing the hardware via their J55 and J8 Series printers.

Click image to view case study

The results are the stuff every industrial designer dreams of! A few of the designers working at Priority Designs, located in Columbus Ohio are getting the chance to live the dream! They’ve put out an excellent case study. Enjoy!

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