MakerVerse: Another Big Player in Manufacturing Network Space

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The MakerVerse team [Source: MakerVerse]

Berlin-based company MakerVerse is making waves in the manufacturing network space.

By receiving requests for part production and dispatching them to their global network of producers for local execution, MakerVerse competes with other established players like Xometry and Protolabs.

Offering a Range of Manufacturing Services

Similar to most manufacturing networks, MakerVerse provides not just additive manufacturing but also various other making services. This approach has become a trend in recent years, as AM-only services found they lost clients to more comprehensive providers. Projects often require multiple making processes, so it’s convenient for clients to have a single source offering a complete range of services.

At present, MakerVerse offers FDM, SLS, MJF, and LPBF as additive services, as well as CNC machining services. They also provide a variety of finishing services during the post-processing stage. With a network of over 700 3D printers and CNC machines, MakerVerse offers an extensive list of available materials, including both metals and polymers.

Cultivating a High-Quality Production Network

While manufacturing networks may seem similar on the surface, they often differ in the way they manage their production networks. MakerVerse’s unique selling point lies in cultivating a global network of workshops to which work requests are dispatched.

The company takes a thorough approach to supervising its partners, including:

  • Ensuring ISO 9001 certification
  • Providing other ISO certifications
  • Conducting onsite visits to confirm proper operation
  • Inspecting partners’ manufacturing processes
  • Guaranteeing IP protection
  • Implementing a detailed onboarding process
  • Documenting lead times
  • Performing ongoing QA, including sample order inspections
  • MakerVerse states:

“We regularly audit our fully vetted and onboarded partners to ensure the highest levels of reliability and quality. Doing this guarantees your parts arrive exactly as you need them – every time. All partners must follow our detailed specifications, covering aesthetics, technical, quality control, and shipping requirements. We ensure compliance with our technical data sheets, ensuring material properties and part tolerances before and after post-processing.”

Targeting Small to Medium Production Runs

With their strong emphasis on quality control, MakerVerse appears to be a suitable option for small to medium production runs. The company’s operations have caught the attention of investors, resulting in a massive Series B investment round of US$10M, featuring Siemens Energy as one of the investors.

MakerVerse plans to use these funds for expansion, stating:

“With this funding, MakerVerse will expand its “one-stop shop” with more technologies and materials. MakerVerse will also provide advanced support to integrate the platform into customers’ existing systems. The company plans to build capacity for even more large-scale production orders.”

As a result, companies lacking in-house manufacturing capabilities now have an abundance of excellent options to choose from.

Via MakerVerse

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