MatterHackers Introduces Financing Options for 3D Printing Equipment

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MatterHackers now offers financing options.

MatterHackers is one of the largest resellers of 3D printing equipment in North America, and by my count they currently offer an astonishing 353 devices from 31 3D printer manufacturers.

Most resellers of lower cost desktop and professional 3D printers operate on a cash basis: you buy a machine, you pay the full amount. If you don’t have the cash, then you’ll have to get a loan from the bank or other sources.

MatterHackers now offers an alternative: THEY can be the bank for qualified purchases. They explain:

“MatterHackers is now offering financing options with Taycor Financial for our range of 3D printers, CNC machines, and laser engravers. This is a game-changer, especially for small business owners looking to scale.”

They add a number of reasons why financing could be important:

“Affordability: With our financing options, you can start using the equipment you need right now without a significant upfront investment.

Cash Flow Management: Financing allows you to spread the cost over time, giving you more flexibility in managing your cash flow.

Upgrade Opportunities: Financing can make it easier to upgrade to newer models or more advanced machinery as your business grows.

Tax Benefits: Depending on your situation, the cost of leasing or financing equipment could be tax-deductible as a business expense.”

For small businesses wishing to expand but unable to justify the one-time cost of machine purchases, this is a very good option. In some cases it could take a long time to make arrangements with a bank, if even possible at all. The MatterHackers program gets around all the difficulty and allows small businesses to immediately access machines and pay for them over time.

The ideal candidate for this program is a 3D print business that has a known path to additional revenue (more customers), but can’t afford the one time cost of new 3D printing capacity to handle their requests. New customers (should) always provide some profit, so a smaller monthly payment could work.

There are a couple of constraints.

The minimum deal size is US$3000, meaning you can’t buy a cheap desktop for US$200 and pay for it monthly. MatterHackers said purchases of up to US$150,000 can be approved within two hours, which is extremely fast. It sounds like they will accept higher amounts, but that might require further approvals.

If you’re a small business requiring financing for expansion of your 3D print capacity, this might be something worth investigating.

Via MatterHackers

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