Meet Ermaksan: Turkey’s Innovative 3D Printer Manufacturer

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The Ermaksan ENA VISION metal 3D printer [Source: Fabbaloo]

Ermaksan is a 3D printer manufacturer you may not have heard of previously.

The Turkish company likely older than you, having been founded way back in 1965. Back then there was no 3D printing, but the company began by building manufacturing equipment, such as sheet metal tools, punch presses, etc. Later moving into CNC equipment, today they produce laser systems, press brakes, plasma cutters, scissor cutters, otto-electronic equipment, and now additive manufacturing as well.

This experience was obviously valuable in the design of a metal 3D printer, as the CNC motion control systems, laser systems and other components would certainly be used in an AM device.

Apparently they worked on developing a metal 3D printer for several years before launching in 2017. The ENA VISION is apparently Turkey’s first natively-built metal 3D printer.

Metal parts 3D printed on the Ermaksan ENA VISION metal 3D printer [Source: Fabbaloo]

The ENA VISION uses the LPBF process, and has a laser with scanning speed of 7m/s, and up to two can be configured. The laser power is 500W, with options to up the power to either 750W or 1000W to speed up printing.

The dual laser configuration can be used in different modes, as shown in this diagram. Parts can be made by both lasers or only one.

Laser printing modes on the ENA VISION metal 3D printer [Source: Ermaksan]

The controller onboard the ENA VISION is actually a 64-bit Windows 7 system running on an Intel i7, which is quite different from what we usually see these systems running. The device also has a truly massive 21.5” color HD screen.

There are two models of the ENA VISION. The 120 and the 250. The build volume of the 250 model is a healthy 250 x 250 x 250 mm, able to hold many moderately-sized 3D designs, while the 120’s build volume is smaller and intended for sites with limited floor space.

Along with the 3D printer itself, Ermaksan also can provide the necessary accessory devices, including a powder recovery system, industrial vacuum, anti-static gear, Magics job preparation software and more. Ermaksan also markets a line of metal powders suitable for use in the equipment, including Ti64, CoCr, AlSi10Mg, Inc625, Inc718, Managing Steel and S316L.

While the company mainly operates in Turkey, they also have offices in Germany to serve Europe and another office in the USA.

Via Ermaksan (Turkish)

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