Modix Unveils MAMA-1700: A High Speed Large-Format Pellet 3D Printer

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The large-format MAMA-1700 FGF 3D printer [Source: Modix]

Modix announced a new, large-format pellet 3D printer.

The new device, the MAMA-1700, uses FGF, or “fused filament fabrication”. FGF is similar to FFF, except that the materials are provided in pellet form instead of the more familiar filaments. This can dramatically lower the cost of materials, sometimes by up to 10X. That’s critical for large 3D prints, which the MAMA-1700 can produce.

The MAMA-1700 is quite a large device, with a massive build volume of 1700 x 1000 x 1000 mm. For reference, that’s the volume of around 200 typical desktop 3D printers. This machine can produce “life size” objects in rapid time.

Normally large 3D prints take a considerable amount of time to complete. The early large-format 3D printers from years ago would literally take days or even weeks to complete meter-sized jobs. That’s all changed with the MAMA-1700.

Modix has designed this machine to print at quite an incredible speed. The speed is achieved through a smart combination of advanced motion system, high capacity extrusion and firmware.

The motion system on the MAMA-1700 includes closed-loop NEMA23 motors, which ensure the toolhead precisely follows the correct path.

The extrusion system uses a Dyze Design Pulsar extruder, which has the astonishing capacity of 500 cubic mm per second — for reference a “high speed” desktop 3D printer would typically hit about 30 cubic mm per second. This machine’s extrusion capacity is more than 10X larger.

The system uses standard nozzle diameters of 3mm and 5mm, which are able to accommodate the vast flow of material extruded. Modix also offers a 1mm nozzle for precision work, but I suspect most applications will make use of the larger diameter nozzles to obtain higher speed results. Precision detail is far less important on larger prints.

The toolhead also includes a water cooling circuit to manage the temperatures in an efficient manner. However, an air compressor is required for the system.

Modix lists quite a few materials as compatible with the MAMA-1700, including PLA, ABS, TPE, TPU, PVA, HIPS, PC, PET, Nylon, CF and GF pellets.

But the most interesting aspect of materials is that they are pellets. This completely changes the cost equation for 3D printing with lower costs. In addition, the MAMA-1700 can hold up to 100kg of pellets, meaning you won’t be dealing with spool changes — at all.

Modix has their eye on recycled material for the MAMA-1700, as this could be a way to make use of larger amounts of recycled plastic. Increased demand for recycled material could encourage additional recycling, and that’s a good thing.

Modix is apparently investigating the use of “chemically recycled” plastic, a new type of product produced by some chemical companies. This material provides superior performance to the typical recycled “heat it up and print it again” materials. I’d like to learn more about chemical recycling.

The MAMA-1700 has a full enclosure, as you can see in the images. This provides a measure of safety, allows use of an optional filtration system and captures heat to increase the quality and reliability of print jobs.

The system’s features add up to some significant results. Modix says you can receive “large objects in hours, not days”, and they’re not kidding. Take a look through their short video showing some typical print results:

As you can see, the system seems able to hit 1kg of printed material per hour for many large objects, and that’s quite impressive. Modix says the system can, in ideal scenarios, achieve an amazing 3kg per hour.

Amazingly, this huge machine is sold as a kit for assembly. While that’s a bit of extra work, it saves considerably on shipping costs and provides an opportunity for the operator to learn more about the system.

The MAMA-1700 will open for pre-orders in July, and the launch price will be a modest US$42,000 per unit. While that’s more than today’s inexpensive 3D printers, this is an industrial device will considerable capabilities. The regular price will rise to US$47,000 after the launch period.

Modix intends on adding another extruder to the MAMA-1700, which would make it an IDEX system. This would enable the use of soluble support material and therefore highly complex objects.

Finally, the company seems to be working on “several machine sizes” in the MAMA line. In this concept image you can see the operator apparently printing an automobile 3D model!

I’m now wondering how big their DADDY line will be.

Via Modix

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