MyMiniFactory Gets Physical: Makes First Acquisition

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MyMiniFactory and Only-Games [Source: Fabbaloo]

MyMiniFactory announced the acquisition of 3DC, and thereby changes everything.

MyMiniFactory, founded in 2013, is a well-known 3D model repository among the 3D printing community. Their fame was built by including 3D models that were actually tested, ensuring quality for each and every download.

Since then the company has gradually evolved towards a more specific niche: independent designers, particularly for game pieces. They’ve carefully cultured an environment that’s friendly and supportive for this type of 3D designer, and it’s been very succesfull. We discussed this transformation in depth in our interview with CEO Nebo Nikolic last year.

At MyMiniFactory HQ last year [Source: Fabbaloo]

The company now has a designer community with well over 25,000 members, each delivering digital 3D models to MyMiniFactory for download or sale.

Now for the big change: MyMiniFactory has acquired 3DC, the owner of, a UK-based online marketplace for game products, founded in 2017. As of this writing, the site seems to handle almost 100 different product brands.

This site is essentially a sales engine for game-related products, including: paints, brushes, board games, and of course, miniatures.

Let’s think about this for a moment. Consider the scenario if you are a member of MyMiniFactory’s designer community. The designer creates incredible 3D designs and sell the digital download for them on MyMiniFactory. These downloads are purchased by those with 3D printers, who quickly print the designs for their own use. It can be a good business for the designer.

But wait! Now that designer can ALSO sell a physical, pre-printed version of their design to the much, much larger market on only-games of folks without 3D printers. All that needs to happen is for MyMiniFactory to print and package up the products as they are sold.

MyMiniFactory explains:

“Following the acquisition of 3DC, MyMiniFactory will be able to offer to all Digital Creators the possibility to sell their digital files as physical products. MyMiniFactory will take full responsibility for the high-quality manufacturing, packaging and fast delivery of the products worldwide. The initial focus will be towards Creators of Games assets (board games, vehicles, tabletop, puzzles). MyMiniFactory will continue to share revenue with the 3D creators fairly.”

As a result of the acquisition, 3DC CEO and founder Alex Ziff will become Co-CEO along with Nebo Nikolic, who also becomes Co-CEO.

With this move, MyMiniFactory will almost certainly supercharge sales and reach for their already massive design community. The new sales site will connect with vast numbers of non-3D printing enthusiasts, all of whom will certainly be interested in the products of the MyMiniFactory design community.

Nikolic was quite creative in how he developed the MyMiniFactory community, but now there are an endless series of new possibilities that come with the acquisition. It will be quite interesting to see what develops in the coming months.

MyMiniFactory was quite successful in growing their designer community through the creation of a friendly and supportive culture. Now, with the added sales to come, they will certainly attract even more designers to their tent.

Good move, MyMiniFactory!

Via MyMiniFactory and Only-Games

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