New 3D Printer Under Development: Alchemical-3D

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Rendering of the upcoming Alchemical-3D Fire 3D printer [Source: Alchemical-3D]

A new open source 3D printer development project has launched, and they’re looking for contributors.

The Alchemical-3D project hopes to build an open source style machine that provides significant advantages over typical commercial equipment: the Fire.

The project is still in its very early days, having launched only last month.

This 3D printer is quite reminiscent of the Voron project, where there was a need for increased print speed. This desire resulted in the design of a pretty capable machine, the Voron. We could be looking at something similar here, if the project succeeds.

Of course, this is so incredibly early in the development cycle that we have basically no idea what the machine specifications will be. In fact, they haven’t even started considering the design of the extruder yet, and currently are iterating over the frame and motion system design.

What do we know? Not much, but we do have some of the objectives of the Fire project. Aside from sheer print speed, the Alchemical-3D project hopes to deliver a machine that provides both an easy-to-maintain and modular design.

Rendering of the upcoming Alchemical-3D Fire 3D printer [Source: Alchemical-3D]

For example, the project suggests that any typical adjustment would be easily locatable by a quick glance, and adjust on the fly. This is quite different from some machines where you’re looking all over the place to find that adjustment knob.

Simplification is another project objective. For example, they hope to minimize the total wiring length in the electronics subsystem. This approach should reduce the hardware cost of components somewhat.

Another goal is to produce a machine that is capable of handling many different types of filament material. Typical desktop machines today are basically capable of 3D printing with PLA, ABS, PETG and maybe TPU if they have a direct extruder. The Alchemical-3D machine will (hopefully) be able to handle many more types.

It seems that the machine will be quite modular, as the intention is to be able to easily incorporate modifications contributed by the community, or indeed developed for other platforms with adapations.

We do know that the machine will be CoreXY based, and include an auto-leveling system.

Detail rendering of the upcoming Alchemical-3D Fire 3D printer [Source: Alchemical-3D]

I’m encouraged by this development, as it shows there is always another rung on the ladder to climb in 3D print technology. Projects such as Alchemical-3D will inevitably push the entire space forward, as innovations here will ensure other companies and projects will consider the same type of approaches.

If you’re interested in taking part in this project, they have a Discord server up that can be joined. There you’ll see images and discussions of the design, as well as the ability to engage others and debate how to move forward.

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