Optomec CEO Dave Ramahi Passes Away Unexpectedly

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Optomec CEO Dave Ramahi [Source: Bizjournals]

Optomec has lost their CEO, Dave Ramahi.

Ramahi unexpectedly passed away. The company issued this statement:

“It is with intense sadness that we announce Dave Ramahi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Optomec, died unexpectedly of natural causes at his home in Boston, Massachusetts. Optomec’s Board of Directors, its management team and its employees extend their deepest sympathies to Dave’s family. He will be remembered for the personal compassion and boundless energy he brought to the company and its customers. He will be deeply missed by many across the industry.”

Optomec produces metal 3D printing equipment that uses their “LENS” technology. It involves a powerful robotic laser that instantly melts a stream of fine metal powder. The company’s systems are typically used to build large metal objects for industry.

Ramahi had been with Optomec for over two decades, having first been an investor way back in 1998. Then in 2002 he joined the company and eventually rose to become CEO. Optomec wrote:

“Dave Ramahi joined Optomec in 2002 after successful leadership positions in the computer graphics industry. Under Dave’s leadership as CEO, Optomec transitioned from start-up mode, to sustained growth, to profitability to ultimately achieving Dave’s vision: becoming one of the few Additive Manufacturing companies that derives the majority of its revenue from production applications.”

This unexpected turn of events caused Optomec’s board of directors to appoint Mike Barry as an interim CEO to take the reins of the company for the time being. Barry most recently has been on the company’s board of directors, but in the past was the VP of Corporate Development, so he already is quite familiar with Optomec operations.

CEOs are a critical element of every company’s management structure, and changing them always presents risks and opportunities. However, this situation is even more complex as the CEO switch was completely unexpected. No doubt Optomec’s board of directors will immediately begin deliberations about how to permanently replace their long-term CEO with someone that can lead them forward into a successful future.

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