Phrozen Unveils Pricing for the New Arco 3D Printer: Lower than Bambu Lab

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The Arco x1 multicolor 3D printer [Source: Phrozen]

Phrozen has unveiled more details about the pricing of their upcoming Arco FFF 3D printer.

The company has long produced resin machines, so it was quite a surprise when we learned that they decided to enter the FFF market with a machine of their own design.

That’s a highly competitive market, to be sure, so you’d better have an exceptional product to compete against dozens of strong companies. That seems to be the case with their new Arco machine.

The Arco is not only enclosed, but high speed, large format (300 x 300 x 300 mm), TPU-compatible, along with a fully automatic calibration system.

However, the key element of the Arco for me is its optional filament swapping system, the Chroma Kit. This seems similar to Bambu Lab’s popular AMS accessory, as it allows up to four materials to be used in a single print job.

Phrozen announced they will launch the Arco in an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. This has been their practice for new machines for quite some time, so that’s not a surprise. The company did hint at the pricing of the unit previously, but now they’ve released additional pricing information. Let’s take a look at what they say.

The MSRP prices for the Arco and components are:

  • Arco x1: US$849
  • PentaShield x1: US$169 (this is the enclosure)
  • Chroma Kit x1: US$299
  • Four spools of filament: US$88

If we add all this together without the filament, we get US$1317, which is lower than Bambu Lab’s price for their X1C device, priced at US$1449. The X1C has a similar feature set, but apparently will be US$132 more than a fully-equipped Arco x1.

Hold on, it gets better. Phrozen is discounting the prices during their launch with a set of early bird prices. These are as follows:

  • Arco x1: US$649
  • PentaShield x1: US$120
  • Chroma Kit x1: US$240
  • Four spools of filament: US$77

For the machine without filaments, early bird buyers can get the entire setup for only US$1009, a US$440 discount over the X1C.

What’s not clear is how many units Phrozen will offer at this price point. Typically Kickstarters will have a limited quantity of units at each price level, and for popular devices they run out very quickly. The Arco x1 will almost certainly be a very popular device.

It’s possible Phrozen may offer intermediate-level discounts after the early bird units sell, but no official word on that.

If the Arco x1 interests you, it’s advisable to get on their notification list for when the Kickstarter appears. That might give you the best chance of landing an Arco x1 at the early bird price.

Via Phrozen

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