Phrozen’s New Sonic Mighty 8K 3D Printer

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The Sonic Mighty 8K MSLA 3D printer [Source: Phrozen]

Phrozen announced a new 8K resin 3D printer, the Sonic Mighty 8K.

8K devices are not new to Taiwan-based Phrozen, who previously launched the Sonic Mega 8K and Sonic Mini 8K. Now, they’ve launched the Sonic Mighty 8K.

While the Sonic Mink 8K has a build volume of 165 x 72 x 180 mm, and the Sonic Mega 8K has a build volume of 330 x 185 x 400 mm, the new Sonic Mighty 8K lands in-between these two machines: 218 x 123 x 235 mm.

This could be a sweet spot for Phrozen, as the Sonic Mega 8K is quite large and really intended for production use, whereas the Sonic Mini 8K has a relatively small build volume that might not be large enough for some applications. The Sonic Mighty 8K should address both concerns.

This volume is similar to that of many desktop FFF devices, but with MSLA technology that provides extremely fine details. Phrozen is able to go to this volume because of the 8K monochrome LCD panel in the device, which provides 0.028mm pixel sizes, even at this larger volume. Other machines with the same volume but with lesser LCD panels would not be able to achieve this resolution.

Incredible detail on this print made on the Sonic Mighty 8K MSLA 3D printer [Source: Phrozen]

Phrozen indicates the print speed of the Sonic Mighty 8K to be 70mm or height added per hour, as each layer takes the same time to complete regardless of how much object is present. This is quite speedy, and due to the use of the monochrome LCD panel: “normal” LCD panels include RGB filters to reproduce color, but they also absorb some energy. The monochrome panel allows more energy to pass through, hence faster curing times and more rapid prints.

The Sonic Mighty 8K includes a rather large 5” color touchscreen interface on the front of the device. There’s also WiFi and Ethernet interfaces for networking, if you don’t want to use the USB port for launching print jobs.

The Sonic Mighty 8K includes what Phrozen calls a “linear projection LED module”, which apparently increases light level uniformity across the large build area. They say it increases uniformity by over 90%, presumably against typical resin 3D printer configurations.

One of Phrozen’s goals is to provide financially accessible 3D print technology, and the Sonic Mighty 8K is intended to do so.

Pre-orders for the new device will be open later this week. Pricing is said to be US$750 for the pre-order period, but the eventual retail price will be higher, at US$900 per unit. This price level is a bit higher than other MSLA 3D printers of similar build volume, but then again, this is an 8K device with higher resolution.

Via Phrozen

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