Roboze and Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team Join Forces for 3D Printing Advancements

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Roboze gets into Grand Prix racing [Source: Roboze]

Roboze powers forward with an intriguing partnership.

Roboze recently announced an exciting partnership that could propel the company forward in various ways. The Italian firm manufactures a line of industrial-quality, high-temperature 3D printers, with their current flagship device being the massive Argo 1000.

Roboze has carved out a lucrative niche in the industry by leveraging their high-temperature capabilities. Certain polymers are extremely strong but require very high temperatures to soften them for part production. This allows these parts to be used as substitutes for metal parts in some mechanical situations, provided the thermal environment isn’t too extreme.

High-Temperature Capabilities and Lightweight Polymers

[Source: Roboze]

Some industries are particularly interested in this approach because 3D printed polymer parts can weigh less than traditional metal parts. Additionally, the 3D printing capability enables these parts to adopt complex geometries for further weight reduction.

While this concept is powerful, relatively few industries have caught on. Roboze has been servicing numerous clients in this area, but a new announcement may indicate a significant expansion.

Roboze has announced a partnership with the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team. MotoGP is the premier class of motorcycle road racing, with the GP standing for “Grand Prix.” Similar to F1 and other racing circuits, motorcycle manufacturers participate in MotoGP to advance their designs and strive for victory. Teams typically adopt cutting-edge technologies to gain every possible advantage during races, experimenting with new designs, materials, and manufacturing approaches, such as additive manufacturing.

Collaboration with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team

[Source: Roboze]

The deal with Roboze has the two companies partnering for three MotoGP seasons, starting in 2023. They will collaborate on various projects. Roboze explains:

“The supplier’s 3D printers can produce customized finished parts with innovative and lightweight materials capable of replacing metal parts and optimizing the aerodynamics of the bike. Critical elements of success in the MotoGP world where each element contributes to eroding hundredths of a second making the difference for the podium. Nowadays, this technology is used worldwide by severely regulated industries, such as aviation and space, which are accelerating the validation of 3D printing applications with the Roboze ecosystem and, consequently, digitizing their production processes with cost, efficiency, and environmental sustainability advantages.”

This arrangement benefits both Yamaha and Roboze, but there could be more to the story. The presence of this technology in the MotoGP circuit could attract attention from other teams, particularly if Yamaha achieves success with their advanced designs. This could result in a surge of new sales for Roboze in the future.

Via Roboze

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