Shifting Gears: How 3DEO is Transforming Their Approach to 3D Printing Services

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Small metal parts 3D printed by 3DEO [Source: Fabbaloo]

There’s been a change of course at 3DEO.

A few years back, the company developed a powerful 3D printing system capable of efficiently producing high-quality small metal parts. These parts can be produced quickly and at a competitive unit cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Benefits of the Service-Based Business Model

Since its launch, 3DEO has operated the technology as a service rather than selling the printers for customers to use themselves. This increasingly popular business model offers several advantages.

The equipment can be operated optimally by highly experienced professionals at the factory, with no training required for customer operators. The equipment can be upgraded easily without interfering with customer operations, and there’s no need for a field service unit.

Until now, 3DEO’s service has operated on a “send us a request, and we’ll print it for you” basis, which has worked well for them. 3DEO said the “market is starting to understand the value” of the technology.

A New Approach: Partnering with Clients

However, the company is now shifting gears. While they will still operate the technology as a service, they plan to work more closely — and earlier — with clients.

As most 3D print services have discovered, customers don’t always arrive with additive-optimized 3D models ready for printing. Instead, compromises and redesigns sometimes must occur before additive production can take place.

3DEO’s new approach is to “partner in the process from the start” with customers. This allows 3DEO to bring forward AM design skills to the customer before incorrect designs are set in stone. 3DEO told us that customers don’t get stuck on equipment, but they do get stuck on design.

Benefits of the New Strategy

This strategy is advantageous for several reasons.

First, the process should run more efficiently, as there will be far less back-and-forth with clients on designs before printing is committed.

Secondly, clients will learn a great deal about designing for additive processes as a result of the new strategy. This will likely make them “better customers” in the future, potentially leading to more service requests for 3DEO.

However, it’s not that simple. 3DEO has been hiring AM-qualified designers to work with clients on this new approach. They’re also organizing seminars and classes for client engineering teams to bring them up to speed on additive manufacturing approaches.

This shift in strategy by 3DEO is a smart move, as it likely addresses inefficiencies in their processes discovered after launch. The new strategy should make using their service easier for clients, potentially leading to significant company growth.

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