Shining 3D Announces New Resin 3D Printer and 3D Scanner

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The AccuFab-L4K desktop resin 3D printer [Source: Shining 3D]

Shining 3D announced a new professional desktop resin 3D printer, the AccuFab-L4K, and a new 3D scanner, the Transcan C.

The company, founded in 2004, primarily focuses on 3D scanning technologies, but in recent years has marketing their own 3D printers. Currently, they offer three devices, including the brand new AccuFab-L4K.


This machine is a professional device intended for prototyping on the desktop. It’s a resin device using MSLA technology, but is equipped with a number of productivity features that should make using it quite straightforward.

Shining 3D said the device’s pixel size is 0.05mm on the 192 x 120 mm screen. Objects can be 3D printed as tall as 180mm, which should be sufficient for many applications. Minimum layer size can be as low as 0.025, which is quite good when compared to many other resin 3D printers.

The AccuFab-L4K has an interesting thermal management feature. Most MSLA devices don’t have much in this area, and over time the repeated heat generated by the light engine can slowly damage the LCD panel. The AccuFab-L4K includes a “District Cooling System”, which keeps the entire light engine under 40C during printing. This should lengthen the lifespan of the device considerably.

The AccuFab-L4K is able to handle a variety of resin materials, including engineering, bio-compatible, flexible or even water washable resins.

Transcan C 3D Scanner

The Transcan C 3D scanner [Source: Shining 3D]

The Transcan C 3D scanner is a turntable-based unit. The imager is mounted on a tripod, while the subject of the scan sits on a rotating turntable separately. This allows some flexibility as to the potential size of the scanning subject.

The scanning range is between 260 and 480 mm, and that gives you an idea of the size of the objects you can scan with this device.

The scanner illuminates the subject with bright white LED lights, and has twin 12MP color cameras to capture a stereo view of the object as it rotates on the turntable. These, with the associated software, are able to capture object 3D models with an accuracy of up to 0.035mm, which is very good.

In addition to the geometry being captured, the Transcan C is also able to capture full 24-bit RGB color textures of the subject. This could be of great use for capturing historical artifacts.

Scan speed is said to be less than 70 seconds when using eight scans per rotation, without capturing color texture. They don’t mention the required software processing time, which is likely quite dependent on the processor being used. Shining 3D said you’ll require a system with a graphics card of at least NVIDIA GTX/RTX level, but the hardware requirements don’t seem that steep. However, the faster the machine processing the scan, the quicker the result will be obtained.

For anyone looking for high-accuracy 3D scans of medium-sized objects, the Transcan C might be a good option.

Via Shining 3D

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