Siemens Has Some New 3D Print Partnerships

By on April 7th, 2022 in Corporate, news

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A new Applied Digital Manufacturing Center [Source: Morf3D]

A pattern emerged recently where it seems that German industrial giant Siemens has partnered with at least two more 3D print companies.

Siemens has long been active in the 3D print space, as their equipment, software and services are used worldwide by the largest manufacturers. In some cases, Siemens software is used to drive complex AM equipment, and their hardware has been integrated with AM toolheads.

Recent developments in additive manufacturing processes have, of course, attracted the company to develop new relationships with new AM companies.

These past few weeks have seen two important partnerships emerge. Let’s take a look at each.

Morf3D and Siemens

Morf3D announced a special partnership with Siemens on a manufacturing center. Morf3D is a subsidiary of Nikon that is active in the AM space, providing not only metal print services, but also research and development of new materials, print parameters and processes.

Morf3D is in the process of building a new “Applied Digital Manufacturing Center” (AMDC) in Long Beach, California. This 90,000sf facility will provide metal print services to industry, focused on production.

They’ve partnered with Siemens’ consulting unit, Siemens Advanta, to develop a fully optimized process at the AMDC, using various technologies from Siemens.

Roboze and Siemens

Roboze, the Italian producer of high temperature additive solutions for industry, also announced a partnership with Siemens. They explain:

“The main activities will focus on digitalization and automation projects to address the challenges of today and tomorrow, while turning current obstacles into new opportunities to generate success.”

Francesco Pantaleone, VP of Business Development [Source: Roboze]

Roboze VP of Business Development, Francesco Pantaleone, said:

“We are excited to announce our new partnership with Siemens, which actually represents another step in our strategy to be closer to the industries we have served for years such as energy, mobility and aerospace. For us, Siemens is an ideal partner to be even more present in these innovative sectors that want to start strategic digital transformation paths”.

This seems to be a more general partnership where Siemens technology and expertise will be injected into Roboze.

Siemens Technology

Why these and other partnerships with Siemens? The answer is simple: Siemens offers deep capabilities, technologies and expertise that is rare in the AM space.

Remember, additive manufacturing is still a relatively new process still being learned by many organizations, including the 3D printer manufacturers themselves.

Many 3D printer manufacturers started with just a machine, but over time have realized that to truly enter the manufacturing space, they must align with those mature environments. That means integration of equipment into established protocols, as well as adopting workflows and processes expected by major manufacturers.

To many 3D printer manufacturers, these are unknown and the fastest way to gain them is to partner with an entity that knows them well.

Siemens is the obvious choice as the company dominates the manufacturing space in many dimensions.

These are merely the latest partnerships between 3D print companies and Siemens. They won’t be the last.

Via Roboze, Morf3D, Siemens Advanta

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