Stratasys Enhances Market Alignment with Launch of Industrial Customer Advisory Board

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The Stratasys customer advisory board? [Source: Fabbaloo / LAI]

Stratasys has established a twelve-member customer advisory board.

The 3D printing giant has not previously used the “CAB” concept, but it is something that’s often used by leading companies.

The idea is to assemble friendly representatives from the company’s target market into a kind of feedback group. These parties would be surveyed about potential moves by the company, and the company can learn more about the needs of their clients, directly from the clients.

CABs can be a strong influencer for a company, although typically that only becomes evident in longer periods. Behind the scenes companies take years to develop new products and services, so the discovery of a new approach via a CAB will certainly take some years to appear.

Even so, this approach does draw a company closer to its target markets, and in particular the companies represented on the CAB.

Vice President of Boeing Additive Manufacturing Dr. Melissa Orme said:

“We realize significant value from AM technologies today, and to continuously open new scalable applications, we must evolve beyond purchasing products to working with collaborators like Stratasys to develop solutions. I am looking forward to working with Stratasys to advance capabilities and value for our industry,”

Who else is on Stratasys’ new CAB? They explain:

“The 12-member Industrial Customer Advisory Board includes leaders from market leading manufacturers across Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial Manufacturing, as well as institutions of research and higher learning. Some of the participants on the board include manufacturers such as Boeing, TE Connectivity, and Toyota, along with schools that have well known manufacturing programs such as Wichita State’s National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR), the University of Texas El Paso, and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.”

Stratasys said the group will provide them with requirements for future system scalability, quality and reliability. If Stratasys follows the requirements, then they’re far more likely to sell equipment into those markets.

This is quite a good move by Stratasys, as it moves them closer to the customer. That’s long been a problem in the 3D print space, where tech entrepreneurs have typically developed products without specifically knowing what applications will truly benefit from their technology.

The Stratasys CAB will certainly improve the company’s prospects in the future, and this may drive other large 3D printer manufacturers to consider establishing their own CABs.

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