SynDaver Launches Axi 2 Desktop 3D Printer

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Syndaver Launches Axi 2 Desktop 3D Printer
The Axi 2 desktop 3D printer [Source: SynDaver]

SynDaver announced a new 3D printer, the Axi 2.

Previously the company marketed the Axi 3D printer, which was based on open source designs sourced from the original LulzBot project. However, those designs have been enhanced, and even more so with the new Axi 2.

The Axi 2 includes these technical specifications:

  • 1.75mm filament system
  • 0.4mm Hardened steel nozzle for composite materials
  • 280 x 280 x 280 mm build volume
  • BL Touch sensor for automated 25-point leveling process
  • Filament out sensor to automatically pause 3D print jobs
  • Direct drive extruder allows flexible filaments
  • Removable magnetic steel PEI plate for easy print removal
  • Heated print surface to 120C
  • Nozzle temperature up to 290C, permitting use of PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylons, PC, TPU, etc.

A feature new to the Axi 2 is a WiFi connection. This allows an operator to start and monitor 3D prints remotely.

The Axi 2 also includes a new feature they call “Stage Lighting”, which seems to be strips of LEDs on the Z-axes. These would be used to illuminate the ongoing 3D print job, something I have always wanted in a 3D printer. Lighting is essential to understanding what is happening on the print bed, and I always mount an external lamp for this. But on the Axi 2, this is now included, something rarely seen on a non-enclosed 3D printer.

Finally, there are a couple of intangible features on the Axi 2 that will be of interest. First, the company offers an incredible three-year warranty on the system. This is far greater than other desktop 3D printer vendors, which typically offer 90 days, perhaps a year, but often nothing at all.

They also say, “U.S.-based customer support is also available for free.” I take this to mean they offer voice support during typical US business hours.

Finally, they also offer a unique trade-up program. While most trade-up programs attempt to entice buyers to convert from another vendor, SynDaver’s approach is different. If you purchase an Axi 2 you will be given credit when (and if) you choose to upgrade to future SynDaver 3D printers, apparently including those not yet announced. It’s not clear how much of a discount will be provided, but it’s more than the “nothing” you typically receive from other vendors.

The Axi 2 is now available to order, and it can be found either sold directly at their site, or from a number of US-based resellers. The price is US$1,995 per Axi 2, including the free support, three-year warranty and upgrade credit.

Via SynDaver

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