The LulzBot Print Farm: A Turnkey Solution for High-Volume 3D Printing

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The LulzBot Print Farm [Source: FAME 3D]

FAME 3D has introduced a 3D printing factory array system, called “LulzBot Print Farm”.

The system is designed for production use, and is a “comprehensive platform” that apparently can handle more than 64 3D printers.

Companies looking for mass production using 3D printing could consider this an option. Arrays of 3D printers dramatically increase production throughput by parallel operation.

At a glance, this might appear to be a simple shelf system. However, it’s much more than that, and has been specifically designed for 3D printer operations.

In the view at top you can see that the individual cells are adjustable to accommodate different styles of 3D printers. The double-cell in the image holds the larger LulzBot Longbed 3D printer, for example.

Parts mass produced using the LulzBot Print Farm [Source: FAME 3D]

It also appears that it might be possible to include panels between cells to better capture heat. Each cell has an independent set of environmental sensors for precise thermal management.

FAME 3D has spent extra time developing the door mechanism on the LulzBot Print Farm. Normally 3D printer arrays have a standard hinged door that swings open to access the device. However, here the LulzBot Print Farm has specially designed sliding doors. The spring-loaded sliding motion tends to keep the heat within the chamber, whereas it tends to be pulled out by standard swing doors. They even have a trademarked name for this door system:
“Slide-Nest Doors”.

There are also copious LED lights, specially designed spool holders, and of course, LulzBot 3D printers. The bottom shelf is designed to hold extra filament spools and required tools.

To manage the LulzBot Print Farm, FAME 3D has partnered with 3DQue for use of their very powerful AutoFarm3D cloud system. AutoFarm3D provides a considerable amount of management and automation, and is designed for efficient operation of large print farms. FAME 3D explains how it works with the LulzBot Print Farm:

“Designed by 3DQue to work seamlessly with LulzBot TAZ Pro 3D printers, it reduces manual intervention and maximizes productivity. Relay Nodes connect each printer to the Control Station—the system’s “brain”—which monitors every printer in real time for instant status updates, facilitating rapid decision-making. The software includes shared file management to prevent version control issues and a centralized queue system for prioritized dispatch, maximizing printer uptime. Operating locally, AutoFarm3D™ ensures data security without the need for cloud transfers, incorporating Wi-Fi components within a secure intranet environment for enhanced user control.”

FAME 3D said the print farm system is now available for order, but pricing was not stated. That’s because each order is highly customized to match the needs of the client.

Via LulzBot

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