Yale’s Funbotics Camp: How Creality is Contributing to 3D Printing Training

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Students at Yale University’s Funbotics Camp [Source: Creality]

Creality recently concluded its sponsorship of Yale University’s first Funbotics Camp.

Creality’s Approach

Established in 2014 in Shenzhen, Creality has grown to be a widely recognized name in the 3D printing space. Their business strategy includes both consumer and professional-grade 3D printers, with a substantial reach now spanning over 100 countries. Their equipment is frequently found in educational institutions at all levels. With 5 million 3D printers shipped globally, their influence in sectors like education, manufacturing, and healthcare is clear.

Yale’s Funbotics Camp

Students at Yale University’s Funbotics Camp [Source: Creality]

Yale University’s Funbotics Camp, which ran from July 21st to 23rd, was designed to offer practical insights into 3D printing. The camp witnessed participation from over 50 individuals. Creality played a critical role by supplying an astounding 50 Ender-3 V2 3D printers for the camp, allowing each participant direct interaction with the technology.

The Ender-3 V2 is noted for its operational simplicity, making it apt for educational contexts. Huilin Liu, Creality’s co-founder, emphasized that the collaboration with Yale aligns with Creality’s mission of expanding 3D printing understanding among younger demographics. He said:

”As a pioneer in the 3D printing industry, Creality recognizes the significance of education in nurturing future innovators. Our collaboration with Yale University is a testament to our commitment to promoting the accessibility and understanding of 3D printing technology among young minds.”

Future Collaborations

This collaboration between Creality and the education sector doesn’t seem to be an isolated event.

Two years ago Creality provided major sponsorship to the Brazilian education system. They provided a mix of different Creality 3D printers to schools for the Space Robotics Project, which was quite successful.

Creality has expressed intentions to sponsor the forthcoming Second and Third Funbotics Camps at Yale. The underlying objective remains consistent: to impart knowledge about 3D printing to students.

It’s likely that Creality will continue to sponsor important educational events in the future to help children gain an introduction to digital manufacturing with desktop 3D printers.

Implications and Analysis

The partnership between Creality and Yale might set a precedent for future collaborations between tech companies and educational institutions. Such alliances could offer students an advantageous blend of real-world industry insight alongside academic learning.

Sponsorship of educational initiatives has been done by certain other 3D printer manufacturers, but by and large this is not the case. I’m hoping Creality’s work in education catches on with other companies, as that would strongly benefit students worldwide and help grow the world of 3D printing.

Via Creality

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