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The G Award [Source: HP]

This week’s selection is the G Award, produced on HP 3D printing equipment.

Each year GLAMOUR magazine presents their “Women of the Year” awards in a number of categories. The awards are held in various locations worldwide and celebrate notable women.

European Editorial Director for GLAMOUR explained:

“With so many incredible women who have stepped up, raised their voice and challenged the status quo in 2023, there is plenty to celebrate at this year’s GLAMOUR Women of the Year. We can’t wait to bring together the changemaking women from all walks of life for our annual celebration of feminism in all its forms.”

What is the award about? GLAMOUR explains:

“GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards is a globally recognised celebration of trailblazing female forces, with celebrations taking place around the world. GLAMOUR US will host its 33rd annual culture-defining event on November 7th, GLAMOUR Germany will host its inaugural event on the 2nd November, and GLAMOUR Spain and Mexico will host their events on October 26th and November 9th respectively.”

At the recent awards ceremony in London, America Ferrer, Ariana DeBose, Olivia Dean, Emily Ratajkowski, and others were presented with GLAMOUR’s “G Award”.

The G award is a stylized G matching the magazine’s font, and is approximately 400mm tall.

MJF 5200 3D printer [Source: HP]

It turns out the awards were actually 3D printing, and this was done on HP polymer 3D printing equipment.

HP tells us that the awards were produced in PA11 material, and subsequently dyed in the specific orange color required by GLAMOUR. HP explained why they assisted GLAMOUR in this event:

“Both HP and GLAMOUR are taking significant strides to promote powerful women and generate sustainable impact, making this partnership and the use of 3D print technology a perfect match. With influential brands like GLAMOUR bringing 3D printing technology to the forefront and showcasing the versatility in design, individuality, quality, and sustainable impact achievable, we will see the fashion and beauty industries disrupted as the boundaries of innovation in manufacturing and production are pushed farther than ever before.”

This is a perfect and high-level example of a 3D printing application that is gaining popularity: trophies. There was once a time when one would go shopping for mass-produced trophies, but now it’s easily possible to 3D print any conceivable trophy style.

That’s what GLAMOUR and HP did, and it’s what I’ll do for trophies for my next event.


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