The Biggest and Fastest Growing Industry: 3D Printing?

An infographic from MyCorporation proposes a list of the “Biggest and Fastest Growing” businesses of 2013. Included on the list are:    Green and Sustainable Energy Personal Care Social Network Games Mobile Apps Generic Pharmacy   and, of course, 3D printing.    The list makes sense to us. Everything points to green, especially those wind… Continue reading The Biggest and Fastest Growing Industry: 3D Printing?

A 3D Printing Matrix

We’ve received a very cool chart from Tuan Tranpham containing most of the current 3D printing ecosystem, including all the related functions (Scanning, Printing, Software, etc) mapped into different categories of consumer and various levels of industrial.    Yes, the chart is a bit hard to read here, but click on the image to see… Continue reading A 3D Printing Matrix

A 3D Printing Infographic

Sharing site Hightable offers a new infographic showing many details of the current state of 3D printing, including process overview, growth and industry usage. Here you see only a small extract; click the link below for the full version.    Via Hightable

3D Printing in the USA

It’s interesting to read about 3D printing, but sometimes it’s just a whole lot better to visualize things. That’s precisely what 3DP blogger Nadra Angerman did when she produced this fascinating infographic that attempts to show many of the 3D printing establishments across the USA. Check out the full infographic at the link below.   … Continue reading 3D Printing in the USA