New Jersey and 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi look at 3D printing business activity in the state of New Jersey.

Trinity Labs Closes

3D printer manufacturer Trinity Labs announced that it’s closing its doors forever.

7 Success Factors For Your 3D Print Business

We recently listed three types of 3D print businesses you probably shouldn’t try to launch, but we thought we’d list some factors that we believe could make your 3D print business venture a lot more successful.    Uniqueness. You can’t do the same thing as other companies; you must offer something different and unique to… Continue reading 7 Success Factors For Your 3D Print Business

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The Biggest and Fastest Growing Industry: 3D Printing?

An infographic from MyCorporation proposes a list of the “Biggest and Fastest Growing” businesses of 2013. Included on the list are:    Green and Sustainable Energy Personal Care Social Network Games Mobile Apps Generic Pharmacy   and, of course, 3D printing.    The list makes sense to us. Everything points to green, especially those wind… Continue reading The Biggest and Fastest Growing Industry: 3D Printing?

Pay for 3D Printer? or Pay for 3D Materials?

While it’s easy to see a vast number of 3D printers emerging recently, there are some patterns beginning to emerge. Today we’re thinking about the business model.    Everyone is familiar with the Razor-blades business model: give away the razor, charge for the blades. But is this approach used in 3D printing?    Yes. And… Continue reading Pay for 3D Printer? or Pay for 3D Materials?

3D Printed Business Figures

Everyone hands out business cards – it’s been the standard method of exchanging business information for a very long time. But now Nanning de Jong of 3Dwergen in The Netherlands has created an alternative approach using 3D printing: Business Figurines.    3DWergen’s client, Resoluut, a web and software firm, already had several cartoons used as… Continue reading 3D Printed Business Figures

Emerging Personal 3D Printer Business Patterns

There seems to be patterns emerging among the major personal 3D printer manufacturers. It seems that in order to be a “player” in the space, you’d better have a few of these features in your business:    Produce your own plastic in your own factories. This permits complete control over the formulation, which a manufacturer… Continue reading Emerging Personal 3D Printer Business Patterns

Manufacturing vs. Design

  Mark Tomlinson, Exec Director & GM of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers proposes that economic recovery should really be about supporting the making things instead of supporting unproductive financial services. We tend to agree, with a few caveats. Certainly there always must be manufacturing (or physical services) present at the base of the economy,… Continue reading Manufacturing vs. Design

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Succeed with Ponoko

Ponoko, one of the pioneers of distributed personal manufacturing and sales, has posted an interesting video that describes their methodology and cites two amazing examples of how people are succeeding with this new technology approach. Alan Chao designed a beautiful coaster of letters and brought it through the idea, design and build stages to be… Continue reading Succeed with Ponoko