The Top Ten Players In 3D Printing?

We’re reading a curious post on EconomyWatch in which they describe the incredible future of 3D printing. In their post, they list the “Top Ten Players in the 3D Printing Industry Today”. Here’s their list:   3D Systems (printers) Autodesk (CAD software) Desktop Factory (printer) Makerbot Industries (printers) Shapeways (service) Bespoke Innovations (artificial limbs) Sweet… Continue reading The Top Ten Players In 3D Printing?

3D Print Services Summary, 1Q08

We’ve identified many 3D printing services in previous posts. Today we’ll put them all together and classify them as per our prior post on the two types of services. Traditional (General industrial-quality and for professional usage)ProtoCAMMetropolitanWorksEnvizageAlphaPrototypesTangible Express QuickARC RedEye RPMMuur LabsTangerås Verksted & StøperiTech Workshop Sweet Onion Creations ConsumerFigurePrints (WarCraft avatars)Cosmic Modelz (3D Toy Modeling)… Continue reading 3D Print Services Summary, 1Q08