Evil 3D Printing

By on April 21st, 2008 in blog

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Like Atomic Power, any technology can be used for Good or Evil. Now it’s 3D Printing’s turn for negative press. Computerworld New Zealand posts what I believe to be the first negative quote on 3D Print technology. Speaking on the use of the Open Source Rep-Rap 3D printer, Vik Olliver says: 

“We know that people are going to use the printer to try to make weapons [and] sex toys and drug paraphernalia,” he says. “This is obviously not what we’re hoping they are going to build. We are hoping they are going to build more and better RepRaps.”

Well, perhaps so. However, many more good things will also come out of these printers also. This is no different than any other technology.  


By Kerry Stevenson

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