The Economist on 3D Printing, Again

Once again the venerable The Economist has published a series of articles on the topic of 3D printing and digital manufacturing. This publication has gone quite far to promote the technology, more than others.    We’ll bring three of their articles to your attention. First, they explain the fundamentals of 3D printing, which is still… Continue reading The Economist on 3D Printing, Again

Forbes On 3D Printing

There’s been a plethora of mainstream media talking about 3D printing lately, and we’re not entirely sure why. Maybe the meme has simply spread wide enough that “normal” people are now starting to talk about it. We’ve experienced this too, where technically innocent relatives talk about something they saw. When grandmother talks about 3D printing,… Continue reading Forbes On 3D Printing

MakerBot on CBS Evening News!

They’ve hit the big time, hopefully. Last night’s CBS Evening News featured MakerBot’s Cupcake CNC printer and a very brief segment with ‘Bot mandarin Bre Prettis (left), who explained:     A MakerBot is this magical device that turns ideas into objects… It’s a new way of thinking about how we get objects.     The report… Continue reading MakerBot on CBS Evening News!

Matthew du Plessis on 3D Printing

Matthew du Plessis, columnist at the Times Live, provided his thoughts on the world of 3D printing. While he begins with the obligatory comparison to Star Trek replicators (“Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!“), he then recognizes the potential of the future:    … I think it’s fair to say, without any hyperbole or undue exaggeration, that… Continue reading Matthew du Plessis on 3D Printing

Prototek Manufacturing

CNBC and Fox Business News recently aired a segment of “21st Century Business” in which Prototek Sales Manager Dennis Rocheford explained a bit about his company. Originally in the sheet metal rapid prototyping prototyping business, they’ve been expanding their capability and now include stereolithography and 3D printing with ZCorp machinery. Prototek is a large rapid… Continue reading Prototek Manufacturing


The popular crime TV show, CSI: NY, recently featured a 3D printer in an episode. In this sequence, CSI Detective Mac Taylor in white lab coat is using a powder-based 3D printer to reproduce a bullet apparently embedded in a horse, in order to identify the bullet. (Who writes this stuff???) We suppose one could… Continue reading 3D CSI

MakerBot Peeks into Mainstream

  Crain’s New York has published a mainstream article on MakerBot, makers of the first affordable and easy-to-use 3D printer kit. We’re very pleased to see articles like this, which bring 3D printing tech to those who’ve never had exposure. Fabbaloo readers have likely had the experience of explaining current 3D technology capabilities to… Continue reading MakerBot Peeks into Mainstream

New 3D Economy?

Futurist James Cascio recently examined the effects of “Desktop Manufacturing” in Fast Company, and we tend to agree with all of his key points: Manufacturing is likely to undergo the same kind of “creative destruction” that the printing and media industries have gone through Desktop manufacturing will spur more local production, especially for esoteric objects… Continue reading New 3D Economy?

The DIY Wave?

The Financial Times posts their observation of the recent increase of Do-It-Yourself projects and services. This should be no surprise to Fabbaloo readers, but it’s definitely true. More and more people are taking on DIY projects for a variety of purposes. Why is this so? We believe the convergence of several factors has led to… Continue reading The DIY Wave?

Ponoko in the News

We always get a little excited when fabbing hits mainstream news because it means we’re getting a teensy bit closer to a world of digital fabrication. One example of this comes from 3News New Zealand, who’ve recently done a short piece on Ponoko, their local (and global to the rest of the world) 21st century… Continue reading Ponoko in the News

Oh, Really? RepRap Meets O’Reilly

  Zach Smith of the RepRap Research Foundation is set to conduct a workshop at the O’Reilly ETech Emerging Technology Conference being held March 9-12 in San Jose, California. Zach’s session is scheduled for Monday the 9th in the afternoon, and his session abstract says: An exciting 3 hour workshop led by Zach Smith featuring… Continue reading Oh, Really? RepRap Meets O’Reilly

CBC Covers 3D Printing

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s government-owned media network, recently posted an article introducing the 3D Printing concept to its readers (mainly Canadians, we suppose.) This continues a trend of mainstream media gradually bumping into our tech space, and relating it to the public. The highlights of this article: The inevitable comparison of the technology to… Continue reading CBC Covers 3D Printing

Oklahoma 3D Printing

We’ve seen 3D printers appear at many educational institutions across the world and reported on them previously. Here’s another example, this time at Oklahoma City Community College as reported by the Pioneer Press. While this type of event has been repeated many times over in other schools in the past and soon in the future,… Continue reading Oklahoma 3D Printing

3D Printing Hits BusinessWeek

Ubiquitous business magazine BusinessWeek recently wrote an overview of the 3D printing space. While there will be little news to Fabbaloo readers, it’s interesting that as time passes this technology is appearing increasingly frequent in the major media. BusinessWeek’s audience includes most of the major corporate executives, and we wonder what plans may be hatched… Continue reading 3D Printing Hits BusinessWeek

Mainstream 3D Breakthrough?

We wrote a while ago about the Discovery Channel’s new show, “Prototype This”. Well, it turns out that’s not the only show in town using 3D print tech. The CSI franchise, well known for pushing the envelope on various technologies, is doing the same with 3D tech. The premiere episode of CSI: NY involved the… Continue reading Mainstream 3D Breakthrough?

Discovery Channel Prototypes!

  Along with Mythbusters, Discovery Channel is set to debut a new series entitled “Prototype This!” in October this year. The show involves four genuine experts in a variety of prototyping and related skills. Each episode they attempt to “rapidly prototype” something interesting.   CNet managed to get a reported on scene at their studio… Continue reading Discovery Channel Prototypes!

Fabbing Fabrics

Technothreads is an exhibition taking place in Dublin, Ireland from 26 April to 25 July 2008. The purpose of the exhibition is to offer a glimpse into the future of fabric, both from a design and technical point of view. From their website: Conceptual Couture concentrates on the use of science by fashion designers at… Continue reading Fabbing Fabrics

Mass Media Alert: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

3D Printing has now been discovered in Pittsburgh! Or at least by Pittsburgh’s media outlets, as the Post-Gazette’s Techman recently published a story introducing the concept of 3D fabbing to their readers. They contrast the difference between subtractive and additive technologies, and forecast a day in the future when people will be printing objects at… Continue reading Mass Media Alert: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Evil 3D Printing

  Like Atomic Power, any technology can be used for Good or Evil. Now it’s 3D Printing’s turn for negative press. Computerworld New Zealand posts what I believe to be the first negative quote on 3D Print technology. Speaking on the use of the Open Source Rep-Rap 3D printer, Vik Olliver says:  “We know that… Continue reading Evil 3D Printing

Independent 3D Printing

No, this isn’t about a fabbulous new way to print 3D objects. It’s about the popular news service, “The Independent”, who have just published an introductory story on 3D printing. The piece is intended to tell general readers about this new technology and how it may affect our lives profoundly: The extraordinary thing about this… Continue reading Independent 3D Printing

Investment Attitude to 3D Printing Shifts?

Investment analyst firm Piper Jaffray has upgraded their assessment of 3D Systems from “Sell” to “Neutral”. Evidently PJ was impressed with 3D’s newest product announcement, particularly its unique curing technology. This seems to be further evidence that 3D printing is viewed not only positively by mainstream observers, but that it is even being viewed at… Continue reading Investment Attitude to 3D Printing Shifts?

Considerations for 3D Printing

We frequently scan the Internet to find the latest on Fabbing, and lately we keep finding many postings regarding DesktopFactory’s sub-$5000 3D printer. We’re guilty of that ourselves.Many of these postings imply that 3D printing is going to be relatively straightforward. Just purchase the now-inexpensive printer and you’re good to go! But it’s not like… Continue reading Considerations for 3D Printing

The Economist on Fabbing

Personal Fabbing is slowly being picked up by the mainstream media, and this time it’s The Economist. The revered weekly magazine has an online article that provides the basics of personal fabbing, (which they call “Bespoke Manufacturing”) including the wisdom of Neil Gershenfeld of the Media Lab at MIT, the Ponoko fabbing service and of… Continue reading The Economist on Fabbing