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Yet another niche 3D printing service:, who can “create a 3D model of Any Place on Earth!” To use the system, you must download a special software program (LandPrint Designer) that looks a heck of a lot like Google Earth (but isn’t). Then you browse “the Earth” to identify the location you want printed by selecting an area and scale (terrain exaggeration is OK). NASA and the US Geological Survey are the source for the elevation data. Finally, just hit the “print” button and you get a 3D print “preview” of your object. If you like, hit the “Buy” button. 
Some interesting features: 
  • Add imagery to your print, based on what appears to be satellite photos
  • Add Topographic information (US only at this time, however)
  • Add GPS tracks
Your “land composition” then comes out of a Z Corp 3D printer, the favorite of service bureaus these days, and is delivered to your door. 
Prices are based on the size of the model base: 
  • 4 inch – USD$23.95
  • 5 inch – USD$37.95
  • 6 inch – USD$49.95
And shipping is evidently only to the US at this time. 
This brilliant idea could be a large niche for 3D print services; we suspect there are a lot more features that could be added to this service in the future, if it takes off. Good luck, LandPrint!


By Kerry Stevenson

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