The Society for Printable Geography

There have been many attempts to print landscapes with 3D printers, but here’s a whole service dedicated to that pursuit: The Society for Printable Geography. While it’s called a “society” it’s actually a specialized 3D print service. The Society uses the Shapeways 3D print service to produce its attractive items.    They have a huge… Continue reading The Society for Printable Geography

Replicating The Volcano

Students at Clevedon School in North Somerset made a volcano. A tiny one – based on NASA 3D data they downloaded and converted into a 3D model. The model was then pushed through a Bits From Bytes RapMan, giving the students the opportunity to see and touch the shape of an actual volcano. In this… Continue reading Replicating The Volcano

Developments in 3D Geographic Printing

RapidToday has a great article exploring several developments in the ability to print geographic scenes in three dimensions. We’ve written about this before, as a few point services offer this capability. But it’s hard to do. In RapidToday’s article, you’ll learn about: How one of the authors of NASA’s World Wind open source geographic project… Continue reading Developments in 3D Geographic Printing


  You always wanted a piece of land you can call your own, right? Now you can do that – and carry it with you, too! TerrainPrint is a service that: TerrainPrint can create a 3D model of anywhere on earth. Use our software which works just like Google Earth to choose where you would… Continue reading TerrainPrint!

Actual Town 3D Printed

Well, not the town itself, but a complete 3D model of a new town was created for a new market town outside of Plymouth, UK. Sherford used a variety of photographic, topographical and other techniques to build a highly accurate model of the townsite, which is comprised of some 5,500 homes.  The work was done… Continue reading Actual Town 3D Printed

Land Printing

  Yet another niche 3D printing service:, who can “create a 3D model of Any Place on Earth!” To use the system, you must download a special software program (LandPrint Designer) that looks a heck of a lot like Google Earth (but isn’t). Then you browse “the Earth” to identify the location you want… Continue reading Land Printing

3D Landscapes

PrintWeek reports on a printing company in Wales who have used a 3D printer to produce an accurate model of the Teign Estuary in Devon, UK. Evidently Bluesky’s 3D model includes: a real-world view of the estuary and surrounding area, including trees and buildings. We’ve previously seen 3D prints of objects, buildings and artistic designs… Continue reading 3D Landscapes