The ProJet™ SD 3000 Printer

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3D Systems has announced the availability of their new ProJet™ SD 3000 Printer, which is said to be directed to “professional in-office model-making by design and manufacturing businesses of all sizes”.


The 254Kg (560 Lb) office-friendly unit comes in three models:


  • HD – Capable of “UHD” resolution of 656x656x800 DPI (xyz)
  • SD – Prints at a lower resolution of 328x328x800 DPI (xyz) and can also handle wax models
  • DP – Specializes in wax models for dental use

No, it’s still not cheap enough for home, but it does print fine objects. 


Via 3D Systems

By Kerry Stevenson

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  1. Projet SD3000

    Unfortunately we had the insane idea of purchasing one some months ago and we keep on struggling with that!

    The printer keeps on breaking down every 3 print outs and assistance from service is required. In most cases local service is not even capable to respond to our enquiries and we are left completely alone! Besides many print jobs sold out as service tends to fail with inevitable loss of money and reputation from our side. Besides, again, the price for support material (and trust me, it uses really a lot!) has somehow increased by 30% and once again there is nothing we can do.

    It is a vey expensive machine, not stable with extreme poor service and reliability from 3D Systems! Go for something else!

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