3D Printer Reviews for 2008

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Our friends at RapidToday files hardware reports direct from users of several new (and some beta) 3D printers. Included in their report are:

  • iPro 9000 – Is said to be much more reliable than the previous Viper Pro systems, but still has issues in the control interface.
  • ZPrinter 650 – Has new features, but is mostly praised for its greatly increased reliability, but the user seeks more choice in build media.
  • Alaris30 – Has transformed the business process of one company, but they wish the build chamber was larger and could use more than one material.

Via RapidToday

By Kerry Stevenson

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  1. HP isn’t the first company to experiment with affordable 3D printing. The Makerbot was a 3D printer that was released last April, and only costs $750… but it’s a DIY construction affair.

    HP intends on doing one better: although their proposed HP Stratasys line of printers will be more expensive than the Makerbot, at $1500, but be a lot easier to use and set-up. That may seem expensive… but that is similar to the price of a laser printer when they were first released, and we can expect that price to come down over time.
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