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The mysterious paper-fed MCOR Matrix 3D printer has made its TV debut on the Irish Late Late Show in this 5 minute interview. The founders of MCOR, Conor and Fintan MacCormack, explain the basics of 3D printing to the presenter, but along the way there were a few tidbits of interest:
  • MCOR claims to be the only 3D printer capable of producing a “variable stiffness” effect, in other words, able to make a “living hinge”. In the video you will see a small object with an actual flexible hinge
  • The Matrix is “50 times cheaper” to operate than its competitors, mainly because it uses paper as its raw material
  • The Matrix is the only “eco 3D printer” again due to the paper media

We wonder if you can recycle the printed objects? 

Via YouTube (Hat Tip to Deirdre)

By Kerry Stevenson

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