Is a Giant Paper 3D Printer on the Way?

With the worlds of 2D and 3D printing starting to blend together, the world’s largest printing equipment exhibition, drupa, is starting to see 3D printer manufacturers demonstrating their wares to drupa attendees. 

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MCOR Rolls Out the Matrix 300+

MCOR announced their new Matrix 300+ paper-based 3D printer. This device is similar to the 300, but offers improved performance in how the models are constructed.    They’ve included a new feature called “Selectable Layer Thickness”, in which you could print in either “Draft” or “Presentation”. We suspect what might be happening here is that… Continue reading MCOR Rolls Out the Matrix 300+

Mcor’s Surprising Prints

During our visit to Rapid 2012 we were able to examine Mcor’s printed object quality directly. What we found was interesting.    First, you must know that Mcor’s process is unique in that the objects are printed not in plastic, but instead with common, everyday paper. This is very noticeable when you pick up and… Continue reading Mcor’s Surprising Prints

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The Mcor Iris Color 3D Printer

Irish-based Mcor announced a new 3D printer: the Mcor Iris. The Iris is a major twist on their unique paper-based 3D printing approach; it provides full color 3D printing.    We examined a sample print (video above) at Rapid 2012 and found it to be an amazingly colorful landscape.    While some 3D printer manufacturers have… Continue reading The Mcor Iris Color 3D Printer

MCOR Prints The President

3D paper printer manufacturer MCOR recently scored a coup by not only meeting with the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, to discuss 3D printing at the Áras an Uachtaráin (the official residence of the Irish President), but also offered to print a bust of her upon her retirement in October. It’s possible for this paper… Continue reading MCOR Prints The President

MCOR on Golem

MCOR chief Conor MacCormack was interviewed by German IT news site Golem, in which he takes us on a detailed technical tour of their amazing paper-based 3D printer. Here’s the highlights:   Up to 3 full reams of common A4 paper is accepted by the machine Sheets are fed, one-by-one, into the build chamber (or… Continue reading MCOR on Golem

MCOR’s Talents

Here’s a new challenge specific to a particular 3D Printer: the Freedom of Creations (FOC) Talents design brief Quarter 4 2010 requests “end product application and design for Paper Rapid Prototyping (PRP)“. In other words, “what’s a commercially interesting object to print on the MCOR Matrix 300 paper 3D printer?”   FOC has been running… Continue reading MCOR’s Talents

FOC Explores 3D Paper Printing

We’ve written a few times about the amazing paper 3D printer from MCOR, which uses common A4 paper as it’s build material. Now we see it being used by a professional design firm: Freedom Of Creation. They’ve been experimenting with the device and produced the iPhone cover shown above. As you can see, they slipped… Continue reading FOC Explores 3D Paper Printing

MCOR Paper Samples

MCOR passed us images of sample prints from their new MCOR Matrix 300 3D paper printer (that’s right – it uses sheets of paper as it’s build medium.) We’re quite surprised at the quality and features. Look for yourself: This is a Geocalamus acutus, Amphisbaenidae, or Worm Lizard, courtesy of Dr Emmanuel G. Reynaud, School… Continue reading MCOR Paper Samples

MCOR Matrix 300

The Irish MCOR scientists still believe they can print 3D objects on paper – and they are correct! This past week they announced their latest 3D paper printer, the MCOR Matrix 300, pictured above. The new model apparently provides some interesting advantages over previous models: Faster turnaround (however, we saw no statistics on this) at… Continue reading MCOR Matrix 300

MCOR Exhibits in the UK

MCOR, who market a unique 3D printer based on paper media, have been doing significant marketing lately. This time they are participating at the 100% Design Exhibition in London, taking place at Earl’s Court between Sept 24th and 27th. This “world-class interiors show” apparently draws more than 25,000 attendees. According to MCOR’s press release, they’ve… Continue reading MCOR Exhibits in the UK

New MCOR Video

  The mysterious paper-fed MCOR Matrix 3D printer has made its TV debut on the Irish Late Late Show in this 5 minute interview. The founders of MCOR, Conor and Fintan MacCormack, explain the basics of 3D printing to the presenter, but along the way there were a few tidbits of interest: MCOR claims to… Continue reading New MCOR Video

3D Printing Up For Award

  Could a 3D Printing company win the prestigious World Technology Award? MCOR technologies, whom we’ve written on several times in past months, is nominated in the IT Hardware (Corporate) category for their amazing plain paper-based 3D printer. The World Technology Awards are an annual event featuring numerous awards in many categories: … nominees are… Continue reading 3D Printing Up For Award

Paper Launched!

Remember mcor technologies? They are the folks building a 3D printer that uses plain old ordinary paper as its media. In fact, the printer is beyond development – they launched it two weeks ago at the TCT Exhibition in Coventry, UK. According to their press release: The Mcor Matrix is the only 3D printer in… Continue reading Paper Launched!

Steampunk 3D Printer

  Design students at the Victoria University of Wellington have created a kind of “Steampunk” 3D printer. It’s not clear if this is simply a modification of RepRap or Fab@home, but it seems to do the job.   The interesting bit is the main action component: a sewing machine! We suspect this unusual device is… Continue reading Steampunk 3D Printer