A Raspberry Pi 3D Print Challenge

By on July 26th, 2013 in Event

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Are you a designer looking for a challenge? The team of Raspberry Pi, Autodesk 123D and i.Materialise have opened up a contest to produce the most “original and fun” case for a Raspberry Pi in polyamide material. 
If you don’t know, a Raspberry Pi is an integrated single board microcomputer suitable for embedding into smart objects. It uses software libraries similar to those commonly used on most servers, so it’s easy to program – and thus extremely popular. 
Many projects are designed with Pi’s, and most will require a case that suits the usage of the project. The Raspberry Pi Case Challenge offers a premium membership in Autodesk 123D as the main prize. The challenge closes on September 1st. 
Check out all the details at the link below, including a STL file that can help you design a case into which a Raspberry Pi will actually fit. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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