i.Materialise Keeps Their Rubber

Earlier this year 3D print service i.Materialise announced the temporary availability of an experimental flexible 3D print material. Now they say this material will be available permanently.    The material is indeed flexible and permits 3D printing of a new class of objects leveraging the legendary rubber-like property.   But there’s one fascinating catch. According… Continue reading i.Materialise Keeps Their Rubber

A Raspberry Pi 3D Print Challenge

Are you a designer looking for a challenge? The team of Raspberry Pi, Autodesk 123D and i.Materialise have opened up a contest to produce the most “original and fun” case for a Raspberry Pi in polyamide material.    If you don’t know, a Raspberry Pi is an integrated single board microcomputer suitable for embedding into… Continue reading A Raspberry Pi 3D Print Challenge

i.Materialise Opens In Japan

3D print service i.Materialise has blossomed into a new location: Japan. They now offer their services in Japanese.    There’s a production change, too. The print service has long had operations in Belgium, its home base, but now can “partly” produce orders on the Japanese mainland.    Language and culture can be a significant barrier,… Continue reading i.Materialise Opens In Japan

.MGX Exhibits in Shanghai

i.Materialise’s .MGX high-end retail operation is currently exhibiting their wares in Shanghai. Open until June, the exhibit is apparently the largest display of .MGX artifacts “ever shown in the region.”   If you are near Shanghai, you might consider dropping in to the IndustrialRevolution.MGX exhibit, located at Room 1-214, No. 10 Shajing Road where you… Continue reading .MGX Exhibits in Shanghai

i.Materialise Reduces Ceramics Price

If you’ve got a model requiring a cubic centimeter of ceramic to print, i.Materialise can print it for you at a lowered price of USD$0.18.    Their ceramic material is particularly useful due to its smooth appearance, wide variety of kitchy colors, heat resistance and the fact that it’s food safe. You can produce functional… Continue reading i.Materialise Reduces Ceramics Price

High Detailed Stainless Steel Prints at i.Materialise

3D print service i.Materialise now offers “high detailed stainless steel” materials for prints. As you can see in the sample print above, there is indeed a lot of detail visible.   i.Materialise says that the new material is “between silver and titanium”. In other words, it’s shiny but still strong.    The detail is such… Continue reading High Detailed Stainless Steel Prints at i.Materialise

Look Out For 3D Printed Hats

.MGX, the high-end retail arm of 3D printing service Materialise, announced they’re now collaborating with notable Belgian hat designer Elvis Pompilio. He’s produced hats for many famous personages, having opened his first boutique soon after starting the business in 1987.    While we’re not personally likely to wear this style, we’re quite interested to see… Continue reading Look Out For 3D Printed Hats

i.Materialise Glitters with Gold and Silver

3D print service i.Materialise now offers printing in Gold and Silver metals. They’re not the first service to offer this ability, but it’s wonderful to see another golden service.    Specifics: In addition to the sterling silver, there are three colors of 14 kt gold offered, bright yellow, reddish tinge and white gold available. Prints… Continue reading i.Materialise Glitters with Gold and Silver

Augmented Human Contest

One is always amazed at the imagination of 3D designers who produce unusual objects and applications using 3D printing technology. Now i.Materialise has gone further and started a contest with the most unusual theme yet: Human Augmentation. In other words, they’ll give a prize to the designer who invents the most interesting item that can… Continue reading Augmented Human Contest

A Really Big Unboxing

We thought we experienced a large unboxing when we uncrated a BFB 3000, but we were clearly outdone by i.Materialise. The 3D print service recently received a brand spanking new Fortus 900mc FDM large-scale production system from Stratasys. While we used a box cutter, i.Materialise had to use not only a crew of burly guys… Continue reading A Really Big Unboxing

Jewelry Design Challenge

3D print service i.Materialise is running a new contest for “new concepts, techniques and ideas in jewelry design”. Given the startling designs already present in 3D printed jewelry, we’re extremely interested in seeing what kinds of items are generated in this contest. i.Materialise thinks so too, because:    Ten winners will be selected and their… Continue reading Jewelry Design Challenge

Variable Steel Print Pricing At i.Materialise

When i.Materialise introduced stainless steel printing earlier this year they used a very straightforward pricing scheme: price by volume. Now they’ve announced a new scheme in which you’re encouraged to print larger steel models because the price drops as you increase the size of your model.    The new pricing scheme is slightly more complex: … Continue reading Variable Steel Print Pricing At i.Materialise

i.Materialise Metalises

“Clank” is a sound you’ll be hearing more often at i.Materialise in the future after this week’s announcement of their new Titanium 3D printing process. No kidding – you can now order a Titanium Whistle!     This very advanced process seems unique to i.Materialise, and involves a powder based process. Powedered titanium metal is laid… Continue reading i.Materialise Metalises