The Amazing 3D Printed Designs of Rob Elford

By on August 27th, 2013 in Design

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We’ve been perusing the works of UK-based artist Rob Elford, who specializes in wearable 3D printed items. Any one of his works could easily qualify for our Design of the Week feature, but we felt it necessary to show his new collection, “Ephemeral Delusions in a Motionless State”. Elford says: 
The inspiration for Ephemeral Delusions in a Motionless State came from a trip to Greece at the height of the current economic crisis. I noticed that stunning classical architecture and ancient sculpture were surrounded by the decaying, decimated icons of our post-modern world. 
A number of pieces exist as a diametric opposite: one celebrates excess and individuality; the other is an ironic reminder of minimalist restraint and digital design norms.
We asked Elford to describe his design approach: 
I am constantly looking to push the boundaries of both 3d printing and jewelry design to create one of a kind wearable art pieces. I design intricate, digitally sculpted pieces that function as both fashion and art.
Great design for me is all about exploration and innovation.
There are fifteen items in Elford’s new collection, but those catching our eyes were (click image for larger view): 
Poseidon’s Net, made from 3D printed links and nylon loop chains
Suffer My Desire
White Atlas
The Pegasus Reflection 
An Abundance of Desire
There are many more to see at Elford’s site – and some may even be purchased from his online shop at prices ranging from £50-750 (USD$78-1170). 

By Kerry Stevenson

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