The Amazing 3D Printed Designs of Rob Elford

We’ve been perusing the works of UK-based artist Rob Elford, who specializes in wearable 3D printed items. Any one of his works could easily qualify for our Design of the Week feature, but we felt it necessary to show his new collection, “Ephemeral Delusions in a Motionless State”. Elford says:    The inspiration for Ephemeral… Continue reading The Amazing 3D Printed Designs of Rob Elford

Nike’s 3D Printed Talons

Nike’s new Vapor Laser Talon football shoe wouldn’t exist without 3D printing technology. The shoe manufacturer used metal 3D printing technology to prototype a special plate and traction system for the new footwear.    According to Nike’s MJP Performance Director, Lance Walker:   Nike’s new 3D printed plate is contoured to allow football athletes to… Continue reading Nike’s 3D Printed Talons

The V&A Goes 3D

If you’re visiting London soon, we’d recommend you spend some time at the Victoria and Albert Museum, home of incredible deisgns of all kinds. Typically the works are historical, but at times contemporary works are displayed. That’s what’s happening now in a new exhibition called “The Power of Making” taking place at the V&A from… Continue reading The V&A Goes 3D

Parametric Clothing

A short while ago we wrote about Shapeways’ 3D printed Bikini, and we speculated on the complexity of software required to develop appropriately fitting 3D clothing. The subtlety of fashionable curves and comfort fit are extraordinarily difficult, as they would necessarily be unique to each and every person. Even slight variations could render a fashion… Continue reading Parametric Clothing

3D Printed Bikini: Breakthrough or Barrier?

We were very excited to read about Shapeways latest creation: a 3D printed Bikini that you can actually purchase and wear! Up to now, most 3D printed fashions were wild, crazy and effectively impractical for common use. Typically you’d see 3D printed fashions in a museum or modern art event, but never in a place… Continue reading 3D Printed Bikini: Breakthrough or Barrier?

Will Flexible Grids Lead to 3D Printed Cloth?

Experiments at LMNts Tech Studio are demonstrating the feasibility of printing flexible materials. Using their high-end commercial Objet 3D printer and 3D modeling software, they designed and printed a kind of miniature ball-and-socket joint.    They linked many of these joints together in a mesh. A Flexible Mesh.    But wait – isn’t fabric a… Continue reading Will Flexible Grids Lead to 3D Printed Cloth?

3D Printed Gloves

Fabbing superstar Janne Kyttanen of Freedom of Creation has been commissioned to produce unique white 3D printed gloves, as shown here. The gloves were commissioned by the Design Hub Barcelona, are will be on display from 15 June 2010 to 28 February 2011 in at the Fabrication Laboratory exhibition. According to DHUB:    The objects… Continue reading 3D Printed Gloves