Confirming the Other Half of 3D Printing

By on February 13th, 2014 in Design, Ideas

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The science of 3D printing was conceived some 30 years ago with intentions of becoming a new form of manufacturing. By 2014, that’s clearly happened. But after attending the opening event of NYC’s first 3D Printshow last night, we have another thought. 

Unlike some other 3D printing exhibitions, the 3D Printshow includes an emphasis on the use of 3D printing for artistic purposes. As always, the show includes a dedicated gallery in which are placed unique and sometimes famous 3D printed works by artists who have become specialists in the medium. 

Last night a 3D printed fashion show took place. We’ve attended such events in the past, but about halfway through we had the realization that art is truly as important to 3D printing as industrial uses. 

Certainly artists have used 3D printing for years, although there seems to be a bit of an explosion recently due to lowered printing costs and the availability of 3D printers with advanced characteristics. 
So what’s changed? 

The shoes. Or at least they triggered our thinking. We saw many examples of radically designed footwear at the 3D Printed Fashion show and saw the two halves of 3D printing join together. Industrial and Artistic. 

The future, we believe, is a marriage of the two. 3D printed products created for you from the designs and experiments of artists, whose thoughts and ideas will generate form and function for this century and beyond. 

The two halves of 3D printing.