10 Questions after 10 Years with General Fabb

As this is the tenth anniversary of Fabbaloo, I felt it important to find out more about the mysterious General Fabb, who authors the majority of Fabbaloo’s stories.  Fabbaloo: October 27, 2017 is your 10th year Anniversary of Fabbaloo. What was your first story about? General Fabb: You must know that back in those days there really… Continue reading 10 Questions after 10 Years with General Fabb

It’s A New Day at Fabbaloo!

If you’re a long time reader of this publication, you’re probably noticing the significant changes we’ve made to the site today. The changes are perhaps the most significant in our seven year history. So what’s changed? 

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Gadgetoff 2009

We noticed MakerBot made an appearance at this year’s Gadgetoff in September in New York City. They showed off their amazing Cupcake 3D printer kit, as we’ve covered before. However, that’s not the reason for this post. Instead, we were astonished by all the truly amazing gadgets makers demonstrated at this event. Be sure to… Continue reading Gadgetoff 2009

Next-Make at CPW

CPW is MIT‘s “Campus Preview Weekend”, which occurs 16-19 April this week. According to MIT’s tagline: So here’s the experiment: Pour into one MIT campus 1,000 highly charged members of the Class of 2013. Immerse in a saturated solution of classes, special lectures, hands-on activities, campus explorations and faculty encounters. Add several days and nights… Continue reading Next-Make at CPW

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Oh, Really? RepRap Meets O’Reilly

  Zach Smith of the RepRap Research Foundation is set to conduct a workshop at the O’Reilly ETech Emerging Technology Conference being held March 9-12 in San Jose, California. Zach’s session is scheduled for Monday the 9th in the afternoon, and his session abstract says: An exciting 3 hour workshop led by Zach Smith featuring… Continue reading Oh, Really? RepRap Meets O’Reilly

C.STEM 2008

We missed this one until just now, so it’s already in progress: C.STEM 2008, a conference held this week in Torino, Italy. The conference’s theme is “Breeding Objects”, and offered an interesting selection of presentations and demonstrations. From their website: C.STEM 2008 – BREEDING OBJECTS presents a selection of visionary projects anticipating future developments in… Continue reading C.STEM 2008

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3D PreFab Home

    It’s not a home, exactly, but at least some components of a prototype home of the future were manufactured on a Z-Corp 3D printer for the “Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. According to DesignNews on wall:   has been fabricated from a… Continue reading 3D PreFab Home

3D World Systems Conference

We’ve just reviewed the agenda for the upcoming October 20-23 3D World Systems Conference in Charlotte NC, USA. The conference is intended for professional users of 3D Systems printers, such as the SLA and SLS Pro printers, and is probably not appropriate for hobbyists to attend. However, it’s interesting to note the presentation topics include… Continue reading 3D World Systems Conference

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Chaos for 3D Printing at 25c3

The annual Chaos Communication Conference takes place in Berlin this December, and the call for papers has been issued. Categories include: Hacking, Socieiy, Culture, Community, Science and Making: The ‘Making’ category is all about making and breaking things and the wonderful stuff you can build in your basement or garage. Most welcome are submissions dealing… Continue reading Chaos for 3D Printing at 25c3

Fabbing Fabrics

Technothreads is an exhibition taking place in Dublin, Ireland from 26 April to 25 July 2008. The purpose of the exhibition is to offer a glimpse into the future of fabric, both from a design and technical point of view. From their website: Conceptual Couture concentrates on the use of science by fashion designers at… Continue reading Fabbing Fabrics

Design and the Elastic Mind

Design and the Elastic Mind is the name of a new exhibit to open in February at New York City’s MOMA. The exhibit will feature the work of Finnish designer Janne Kyttänen, who is one of the founders of Freedom of Creation, a firm we’ve posted on previously. The exhibit runs from February 24th through… Continue reading Design and the Elastic Mind