Adafruit’s Cyberpunk Spikes

By on March 28th, 2014 in Usage

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This is a fashion project you can build with your 3D printer. And it lights up! 

Adafruit’s Learning System describes the relatively straightforward project to make this fashion accessory. It’s a flexible band that can attach to your shoulder, neck or wrist – and it lights up! A tiny micro controller animates the embedded LEDs in different color sequences. 

The 3D print must use a flexible filament and Adafruit recommends NinjaFlex, which is the flexible filament they sell for USD$50 per spool. 

This project is easy for anyone to do – if you have a 3D printer. Those that don’t won’t be wearing these spikes. 

Did we say this lights up? it does!

Via Adafruit