DiCaprio Gets a 3D Printed Oscar

By on March 10th, 2014 in models


The folks at CGTrader have solved Leonardo DiCaprio’s problem of not receiving an Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards. 

They ran a contest for 3D modelers to develop a replacement Oscar, which resulted in a number of interesting entries. The winner (image at top) portrays the actor in a pose from his recent movie, “Wolf of Wall Street”. 

Even better, the winning entry is now available on CGTrader at no charge. You can download this item yourself and 3D print it – but watch out for the rather severe overhangs created by the arm positions. You’ll to 3D print this one with support structures enabled. 

Other entries are available for viewing at CGTrader, which by the way is one of the best sites for locating quality 3D models for printing. Note, though, that the other entries are not free for downloading and require purchase. 

We’re fascinated with this turn of events because it demonstrates something that simply wasn’t possible even a few years ago: making a “thing” for the public to express their opinion of an issue. One can imagine 3D models being developed for many issues from now on, such as a becoming-infamous Vladimir Putin model for which we will provide no details. 

Via CGTrader