3D Printed Handles for Stone Age Tools

By on June 8th, 2014 in Design, models


In the most absolute and ultimate technology contrast possible, designers have 3D printed handles for primitive flint-knapped hand axes. 

3D printing is a growing technology of the present 21st century, while hand axes might be humanity’s very first technology, dated to almost 1.5 million years ago. 

To put this in perspective, “Fire” was apparently invented “only” 400,000 years ago by Homo Erectus (above), a predecessor to Homo Sapiens (us). 

The prints were designed by Studio Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow, who not only printed the handles, but also made the hand axes using traditional methods. 

The prints are, of course, quite simple in design to match the similarly straightforward flint-knaps, which are painstakingly made by carefully chipping off flakes to form a sharp edge and graspable handle. 

The hand axes were quite effective, evidenced by our dominant presence in this day. 

One wonders where we might be now had our ancient ancestors had access to 3D printing. 

Via New Scientist
Image Credit: Wikipedia